Friday, August 15, 2008

Tagged Twice

I have been tagged twice and in different ways and you all have been very patient so her it goes. First off I am in awe that I am blogging during the day-how lucky am I

-The funny things my kids say and do
-Being with my family and friends
-Being a nurse the adrenaline and helping people
-You all know food makes me smile,especially chocolate
-The first snow- I love the snow
-The fall season in general-love the smell of rain
-The ocean,beach and sunsets
-Dancing-doing and watching, especially Addy
- Watching sports
- Shopping of course
-Going on dates with my hubby
-The gospel,where would I be without it

-Not having a good relationship with my kids
-Not being the best mom I can be
-Not living up to my potential
-Not living in the moment
-Not scrapbooking or documenting our families memories.
-Drowning- crazy I know because I love the water and am not scared when swimming
I think it is the thought of drowning that scares me
-Getting in a car accident with my kids in the car

-Learn to play the piano
-I wish I could say run a marathon, but I just want to get back in shape
(I guess in some ways I run a marathon daily with my 3 kids!)
-Eventually go back to school and further my nursing career
-Be someone my kids are proud of
-Take dance lessons with my hubby
-Travel to Europe with Bryan
-Try to keep my house somewhat clean on a daily basis-dumb I know
-Shoot under par and have whoopi twice a day
OH wait those are my hubby's goals-NOT MINE!

-The olympics
-Blogging obviously
- Playing with Ky
-Have to have a treat before I go to bed

4 Things I like about my Hubby
-He will do anything to make me happy
-He is spontaneous and he makes me laugh
-He is a great Dad
-He is a very hard worker

4 Movies I would watch more than once
-Mamma Mia
-Bourne Series
-The Notebook
-Phantom of the Opera

4 T.V. shows I watch
- So you think you can dance
-Greys Anatomy
-American Idol

4 Places I have been

4 Places I would like to go
-New York
-Florida again
-All over Europe
-Washington DC

4 People who email me regularly
- Heather
-My dad
-My sister
-Kraft foods

4 Things I like to eat
-Ice cream
-Chocolate chip cookies with milk

4 Things I am looking forward to this year
-10 year anniversary trip with Bryan
-Hopefully starting on the basement
-Watching Ky grow up
-Addy and Dawson in school

OK there you have it. The in's and out's of what makes me tick and what goes on in my crazy little head! Wow all that deep, thought provoking questions, I think I need a cookie!


Mortimer Family said...

All that thinking can kill ya, huh? Thanks for the go and enjoy your cookie!

Nat Lud said...

Um, if I ever hear that you doubt your mothering skills we may have to throw down! You are an amazing mom and a great example to me. You have so many skills that I totally want to emulate! You rock!

takemetohawaii said...

I love reading all that!!! We have a lot in common. ;) Especially the treat before bed thing...

Heather Coon said...

Oh I miss you. I just keep thinking about our families and how we're going to miss everyone!! We had fun when you guys were up here. It's nice to go shopping with a girl and not Aaron. I like these tag things you learn a lot. But it seriously would take me all day to think of that stuff. Have a good one. And addy looks so cute on her first day (cute little old navy outfit!)~love ya

Camille said...

I love tags because you get to learn a lot about the person! Way fun!

mccall... said...

We have so much in common - I knew that, but it was crazy to see it written down!

Heather Harper said...

Fun!!, I love seeing pictures of these kids outside of church.
I had to read through more than one post to get caught up. We have a lot in common!!! Dancing and chocolate to name the important ones...oh, and keeping the house clean.
I'm off to bed. The only reason I can't wait for the olympics to be over is so that I can go to bed a little earlier!

Kelly said...

We have lots in common! That is why I like you so much!

Kelly said...

P.S. Isn't that every husbands goal? Seriously.

The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

I am still giggling over the "under par & whoopie" goal. These tag blogs are fun because you get to learn way more about a person. (I already knew you were a great mom!)