Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh My double digits!!

Addy is now 10, double digits! Happy Birthday Addy, what would our family be with out ya! A lot less drama and definitely less fun!!!

Breakfast in bed....French toast

Ready for school!
The AMAZING cake!!! Thanks Liz!!!
Party table.....
Addy and her friends sporting the hair accessories they made!

Make a wish
Addy had her party on Saturday the 6th. Our house has never been so full of estrogen! It was crazy and fun! The girls made hair accessories and chatted away. It was informative and entertaining to listen to! Thanks to Miss Cassie for helping out, I SERIOUSLY could not have done it with out ya!!! The party was a success!
Happy Birthday Addy, we are so lucky to have you!! Love you bunches!


Nat Lud said...

Way cute! That cake is awesome!

Heather Coon said...

What a cute party, I love the colors! Glad she has lots of friends to celebrate with. And what girl doesn't like making hair accessories, I would have wanted to come!!