Monday, April 28, 2008

I am choosing the left!

Last night the kids were getting ready for bed. Dawson came out and said Mama I am choosing the left, but Addy is choosing the right. We tried hard not to laugh as we asked him to explain. His response was that Addy was brushing her teeth like we asked, but he was not. How cute is that! We gave him a hug and thanked him for being honest and told him to go and brush his teeth. What a character he is. He sure makes us laugh and adds spice to our family!


takemetohawaii said...

LOL! That is toooo funny. He is so cute!

Suzanne Wood said...

I have been telling all the other teachers at my school about what Daws said, and we all think it's about the most funny thing we've heard in a while. I'll tell ya...between that and the video of Eliza in the mirror, I've always got something good to think about! Love ya!