Thursday, January 28, 2010


Change is just part of life. For the most part I embrace change. Change, and having 3 kids, keeps my life from being boring. I like crazy I guess. Maybe that's why I love working in the ER, everyday, every situation is different, always changing! So like I said I think I handle change pretty well. However today was a little different.
Addy moved up stairs about 8 months ago and has loved it, as have I! Now she has decided that she wants to redecorate her new room. No problem, I love redecorating. We got online and found new bedding, new rug, new accessories, new paint color for the walls. So fun! Well today I have been posting all her old stuff to sell on eBay. It's making me sad. I know I know I am a little emotionally crazy . Go ahead and laugh. My reaction is surprising to me as well. It just makes me realize that my little girl is growing up so fast! I loved her old room, her bedding, her pink walls, Everything! Now she is growing out of the little girlie stage. This maybe me saying goodbye to "pink" and little girl stuff forever! Her old room....... Ahhhhhhhhhh
This is her new bedding, rug and wall color! She loves it and so do I!!!!Don't get me wrong I love that she is growing up. I am excited for each new stage and adventure, not sure I'm ready but I'm excited!! The one thing that is constant in life is Change, so here is to change and my little girl growing up!!! Love ya Addy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Driveway "Snowboarding"

We woke up this morning to more snow which was still lightly falling. After Addy was off to school me and the boys got all bundled up. I was on snow removal duty and the boys were once again my entertainment!! We spent well over an hour out there. Ky hasn't really been a big snow fan this year but he was today. They were hilarious! Dawson kept wanting me to hit him with the snow and then he tried to start a snowball fight, he lost that one. They were racing in the snow and falling and laughing. I loved it! My fav was them running and as Dawson called it "snowboarding" down our driveway and our neighbors. (good thing we have such great neighbors-thanx Jon and Shannon) Ky was so funny he would run and sled down on his belly. Wished I got that one on camera. Here they are in all their "snowboarding" glory......

I love the giggling you can hear in the background! So cute!!!

Boys or Dogs??

Yes, these are my boys! They are eating Kix cereal off the floor! They found this to be very fun. I however found it amusing to watch. Good thing I just mopped the floor- ya know after Ky's yogurt fiasco so eat away boys!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Should I laugh or cry????

The boys were eating lunch so I just slipped away to use the little girls room. This is what I found when I came back. Maybe I should have held it!!! But just look at that face, he was having such a good time!

His yogurt was every where! In a matter of literally minutes it was in his hair, all over the table, chair, floor and even on the wall! Oh well my floor needed a good mopping!
Mental note......from now on, pee only when the boys are sleeping!!!!

Some Where Over The Rainbow

Addy performed on Friday night at the SUU Womens Gymnastic meet. It was a packed house and they did great! Two dance performances in 2 days, how lucky am I. I love watching my kiddos do what makes them happy! It's what makes being a Mom so great! Here is Addy doing her Lyrical dance......

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Boys Are Back!

Last night Dawson had his very first Hip Hop performance. He was so excited. I admit, I was just as excited to see him do his thang! We all piled in the car and drove through the snow storm to get to St. George. Let me tell ya, it was sooooooo worth it! I LOVED it! Don't think I am being biased when I say they were so stinking cute!!! Check it out for yourself...

So after his dance we left for home. That was an adventure. The Storm was just dumping and the freeway was closed. What now??? Well luckily for us we waited about 10 min and the freeway was reopened. It took us about an hour and 20 min. to get home! As long as we got home safe and sound(thanx to my hubbys excellent driving skills) I didn't care if it took us 4 hours. To add to the fun, when we got home the electricity was out! I love it when the lights go out! It seems so serene. I know, I am a little nuts. Getting the kids ready for bed and then trying to get them to go to sleep when it is already way past their bed time and in the unusual circumstances just added to the adventure. I just wished it was a Friday night so we could have made a big ol bed in the family room and had a little sleep over in front of the fire. Dang School! Oh well, anyway. Addy and Dawson ended up sleeping in his bed and Ky was just struggling. Again lucky for us the lights came back on about 10:20 PM and since the kids had only been in bed for about 15 min, none of them were asleep. Addy went to her bed and was out in seconds, same with Dawson and Ky. Amazing what comfort kids can get out of the simple "normal" things/routine. It was a night full of fun and adventure, one we wont forget for many reasons!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Dawson got "real" golf clubs for Christmas. He has been so excited to try them out with Dad. Well this past week due to really nice weather the snow has all but melted. Dawson was all over getting in a few shots. Friday he convinced Bry it wasn't that cold. He He. It was so cute to see the two of them out there. The clubs are a bit big, but he can swing them! It just made me smile to see Bry teaching him the "proper" grip and the right way to stand. He hit the balls even in our taller than tall winter grass! Dawson just had the biggest smile on his face. Not sure if he enjoyed hitting the golf balls more or the one on one time with Dad!!! All I know is that it was adorable to watch!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Mistro!

Addy finally started piano lessons. We have been putting it off because we wanted to put the piano in the basement. Bry did not want to move it twice. Understandable! However our basement is not finished and the progress is rather slow, so we decided to wait no longer. The piano will be moved twice!
Anyway, Addy loves it! This week she even sat down with Grandma and they played a little song together. So cute! I think she loves the attention she is getting from Grandma and Grandpa, who are thrilled she is taking piano!
She loves her teacher, who is a good friend and lives just down the way which is very convenient. Thanx McKell for teaching her what is so foreign to me! I love her enthusiasm and hope it continues!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing catch up!

Lots of new posts! I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, so here are the posts of our fun break!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday I went to work to cover the last couple of hours for another Nurse. Bryan's cousin Melissa watched the kids for me. I came home to a very timid Addy. She said to me, "Mom I need to tell you something". OK.
She precedes to tell me that she was playing around on the phone and yup she did it. She called 911, not once but twice. In her defense the second time was a complete accident, but that didn't stop the police from showing up at our door. Melissa said the police man was nice. I have no doubt that it probably scared the crap right out of her! I guess it is a good thing, I'm pretty sure she will never do that again!!!
I do have so say I am very surprised. Addy is a pretty responsible little gal, guess it comes with being the oldest. I never saw this coming, at least not from her that is. Not such a shocker from either of my other 2. Although hopefully Dawson has learned a lesson though Addy. Last night he said family prayer and he prayed that we would not play on the phone and call 911! He He He. Addy was not amused by the prayer! Not banking so much on that though, especially because Ky loves the phone.(as you saw in my previous post) so watch out Cedar Police we may possibly be come great friends in the future!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Taylor has been home for the Holidays which has been great! Saturday was his last day here before he headed off to Camp Pendleton. He and Jenny wanted to take the kids bowling! They love Tay and love to go bowling with him. Every time he is able to come home they ask,"Can we go bowling Tay Tay?" So Saturday we headed to the bowling alley! Grandma and Grandpa came as well. Derek even showed up! It was a fun family night! Love ya Tay! Thanx for being such a great Uncle! We love ya too Jenny(soon to be Aunt Jenny)!! He He He!
Taylor, Dawson, Jenny and Addy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Main Squeeze!

New Years Day we headed over to see Grandma Ellen. I love this lady! She is the best! Just wish we lived closer so I could see her more often.
Ky was not wanting to sit for a picture, this was the best I got so I threw it in!I am so glad my kids have gotten to know My Grandma. It means so much to me that they know how amazing she is and what an impact she has had on my life! Words can not express how much I love and look up to this lady! She is seriously just AMAZING! I am so lucky to have her in my life. Love ya Grandma Ellen!!!

The Three Snow Musketeers!

Hannanh, Addy and Hailey spent a lot of New Years Day out in the snow. They went sledding at the near by park, then home to build a snowman. Sorry lame-o me forgot to get a pic of the awesome snow man! Oops!