Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Fever

SPRING FEVER......We have it-Do you????

It was a nice day today so we couldn't resist it-we played outside!

Nice fro Miss Addy!

Bath Time

I must admit,as maybe some parents will, that I love bath time-for the most part. Addy and Dawson usually take showers and can do so without my constant supervision-which I love!!!! However they love to take a bath in my big tub together. It is fun to watch them in there together. They really are and can be good buddies!

Ky is at that fun stage where he loves to just splash and play in the tub! So cute. He is very mobile in the tub which means I literally can't take my eyes off him. The funny thing about Ky is that he loves to just lay on his tummy and play! It is so funny to watch. Neither of my other kids did that,so this is new for me. At first I was a little nervous as I should be, because like I said he is very active and would just put his head in the water. He, luckily is a fast learner and doesn't do that any more! I just love watching him, he is hilarious!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trip to the dentist!

A trip to the dentist is really not anything blog worthy unless while at the dentist something you have been literally dying to happen-happens! We all went to the dentist yesterday(minus Bryan) and like I said pretty uneventful for me and Dawson. Addy on the other hand had a dream,no lie,come true. She had a loose tooth she did not even know about. How she did not know is beyond me, she literally checks her teeth after brushing to see if any are loose. During the cleaning they noticed it and Addy was on cloud 9! When the dentist came in, he felt it and said," Hey Addy we should just pull that out right now". Before Addy could even respond it was out! Just like that! Thanx Jer-well Natalie you tell him thanx seems how you will be the one reading it and not him- for making her dream come true!
Seriously she has been obsessed about losing a tooth. She constantly asks me to go and buy more apples so she can bite into them to loosen her teeth. She tells me she is the only one in her class that does not have a sticker on the chart of lost teeth. She was so excited. Needless to say the rest of the day she told EVERYONE what went down at the dentist office. We even had to call people and tell them the news! I know this is a big milestone and all I guess I just never really grasped the intensity of it for her. I can only imagine the reaction to future big milestones! I am so happy for her and can't wait to see the reaction she gets from her friends at school.

Finally a one toothless grin! So cute!
They put her tooth in this cute little pink treasure chest! She is waiting to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy until Friday when Dad gets home so he can see it first!

Weekend Adventures

Last weekend we went to the playoff up north. We-Canyon View- played Bear River at Bear River. Needless to say we got killed! All those farm boys play some good ol basketball! It was fun to go and the boys did play well. Since we were up that far we headed over to Logan and stayed there. We had a great time. We swam in the hotel pool, ate lots of my old favorite food and saw some old friends and of course watched the Aggies play. I just want to say thanks Amy! It may sound a little cheesy but, you are the best! Thanks for being such a great friend-it is so fun to get together and I am so blessed to have wonderful friends like you! Serioulsy you rock!

I would have to say the highlight of the trip was seeing my Grandma! Grandma Ellen is now 93(94 in August) and still as spry as ever. I know that her body is throwing her some curve balls but she is such a fighter! My kids just adore her, as do I! She is the most amazing person whom I admire and look up to a great deal. One day I hope to be just like her! We love ya Grandma Ellen!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pajama Day!

Today was Pajama day at Dawson's school. He was so excited, so excited that he told me last Wednesday was pajama day. I knew it was on a Wednesday but neglected to look and verify, so last Wednesday I sent him to school in his pj's. It was not until later that day when I was looking at my calendar that I realized it wasn't until the next Wednesday-today. Oh well! So this is really his second Pajama day! Seriously he just makes me laugh! I guess if I could wear my pj's everyday I would.


Today Ky's first tooth broke through! Yeah!!! I will try and post a pic if I can get one. Ya, I know that is asking a lot but you can't blame a girl for trying.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ky My Pre-Toddler

Ky is 9 months old already. Where has the time gone. He is not my baby anymore, he is practically a toddler! He is walking every where, going up and down the stairs by himself, getting into everything, blabbing Mamama all the time, he has started eating a little table food and loves it and he wants to feed himself-he grabs for the spoon but I am not ready for him to feed himself yet,except for finger foods! Heck I was not ready for him to walk yet either. However I can no longer be in denial at the fact that he is growing up and doing it fast. He is apparently determined at what ever he puts his mind to. I have been unable to blog about an incident that happened with Ky because it made me feel so awful. The last Tuesday in January we were at play group at my friends house. I literally turned around for a couple seconds to get Dawson his lunch and Ky walked up and touched their fireplace, which was on, and burnt his right hand. Fast little guy. He got blisters on all is fingers within minutes. I felt AWFUL!!! As a nurse I knew he would be OK and that it was a simple no big deal fix, but as a Mom I felt like a schmuck!
Ky's hand sure didn't slow him down
His hand about a week later-Looking good!
So I have to face the fact that my baby is no longer my baby-but my pre-toddler,with no teeth yet. I have to just prepare myself for the bumps and bruises to come. Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends and came home to Ky with a big red bump above his eye. When I asked Bry what happened he said "Well it was either the edge of the fireplace or when he was playing in the cupboard, he hit his head both times." I maybe a little selfish but they grow so fast, I just want him to be my baby a little longer! Whether I am ready or not-the time has come and I can't deny it! On that note I would not change a thing about our little Ky man. Ky is such a joy in our house. He smiles constantly! We just adore him. His favorite toy right now is a bat that he carries around with him, I must admit it is so cute! He loves the tub and unfortunately the toilet as well. He can be found playing in it often especially when his older siblings forget to put the lid down. Lovely I know! He is starting to wave and he randomly gives high 5's and points at people. His laugh is contagious and he is so fun to play little games with. He is by far my biggest Mama's boy and I will be honest, I love it!!! Although not much of a cuddler, he doesn't sit still long enough, I am glad he loves his Mama! We love ya Ky man!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here is Ky's hand now! Looking so good! Blisters are gone and the new skin is growing in pretty pink!! From the looks I bet there will not even be a scar! Yeah! I am so grateful!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Addy is 7

Yesterday was Addison's Birthday. It is hard for me to believe that she is 7! Time flies! This year Addy decided instead of having a birthday party at the house she wanted to go and do something. With her birthday in the middle of winter our options were limited. However after talking with Addy she sure had some good ideas-winter or not! She finally decided that she wanted to go tubing up at Brianhead with some friends.(I had to convince her that skiing with her friends at this age would not be as fun as she thinks it would! Maybe one day-Maybe.) The tubing hill at Brianhead is fun and unique in the fact that it has 6 tubing lanes and they pull you up on the tube-NO WALKING UP THE HILL! Now that is my kind do fun! Since Addy's birthday was on Monday we did this adventure on Saturday with a few of her friends-Brooklynn, Malia,Eliana,Caroline, and of course Dawson. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed watching them. Since Bryan was going to be gone on her actual birthday we had a Superbowl/Addy party for the whole family. It was so fun. She loves the spotlight.
It is a tradition in our house that on your birthday not only do you get to pick what you want for Breakfast but you get to eat it in bed. So Addy chose bacon and eggs!
Cheers to the Birthday girl!
That afternoon I got to go to her class and bring in a treat. Addy got to bring in her favorite book and read it to the class. She chose Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy. She loves the Fancy Nancy books. She did a great job reading to the class. She also got to bring in her favorite toy, she chose her crafty Cuttle kids. It is like a kids cutter. After her little show and tell we had her treat, doughnuts with pink frosting and sprinkles along with milk!

Addy and her teacher Mrs. Harris

That night she wanted her favorite, Fettuccine Alfredo with salad. Addy has blessed our lives in many ways and we are so grateful to have her as our daughter. She adds spice, spunk, sass and love to our home! Love ya Addy Rae Rae!!!!!