Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cousin Fun!

Since my brother and his fam have been living with us, the kids have had a blast with a new little play mate. We have LOVED having them here with us. Here are just some random snap shots.....
Making the most of our crazy weather. One day snowing the next day 70's!

snacks under the tramp

Life is always better with a treat and a friend!!

Amongst all the hussle and bussle while Bubba and Heather were here we went to St. George to shop eat and visit the Temple!

Had to throw in a silly one!
It has been so wonderful having them here. I have felt so blessed to have them around during Bry's busiest season! It was a crazy feeling to not be alone every night! I loved it! Adult conversation does the body good! This tax season flew by for me. I wonder how in the world I am going to survive without them here. Seriously, I got new recipes, along with a cook, craft project done, sewing lessons, coupon buddy, shopping buddy, workout buddy, and most important just a friend to talk to every night! They are going to be sooooooo missed! So until this time next year, see ya in Florida where the weather will actually be good!!! Love you Bubba, Heather and Holly, thanks for all you did, hope living with us wasn't to bad! We sure loved every bit of it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dancin Fools

Dawson had his 1st dance competition on Saturday. I may be biased but I think they were a crowd favorite!!! The dance is so dang cute as well as the boys dancing! Addy told me she thinks he was born to dance! Ha Ha Ha. I bet Bry thinks otherwise!
Here are the boys
I took a video of the dance but I'm not posting it because I am NOT a good camera man! Next time that's Bry's job!

Brea also danced at the competition too. She was adorable! We just love her! Great job Miss Brea!
Addy had her last dance competition in April as well.
Lyrical, they took 3rd!

Jazz routine which they took 1st in!
I am so proud of Addy and not just because of how well she danced. Addy woke up early that morning sick. She was bound and determined to go dance and not let her team down. I told her I would go along with her plan, but that I was still the Mom and had the last say! She was such a trooper. Luckily we got our hands on some zofran so she never barfed while dancing- or the rest of the day! It was nice to see her so committed. I know she loves to dance and I am just so proud of her!

Field Trip

I had a moment of insanity and agreed to go on a field trip with Addy and all the 2nd graders. Not only was it an all day trip but we went to St. George in buses. We went to the Dinosaur park and then to Snow Canyon for a hike. It was actually a fun day! I enjoyed spending the day with Addy. It was also entertaining to be the the kids and hear their conversations and watch them interact! I just sat back and smiled trying hard at times to not laugh! Oh to be a kid again.

Addy and her buddies Mia, Tayah and Brooklynn

The gals in Addy's class on our hike in Snow Canyon

The boys in Addy's class
It really was a fun day but next time I am going on the field trip that includes watching a play!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tay Tay!

Ky put these on the other night for bed. He looked at me and Bry pointed to his pants and said, "Tay Tay", with a huge smile on his face! Cute!
We miss ya and love ya Tay!

Dr. Addy Wood?

I think Addy may have inspirations to be a Dentist! Ha Ha She now has her 2 front teeth missing, 1 of which she pulled out herself in the car! The other one she pulled out 3 days later! Man she is racking up a bill with the tooth fairy! Just beware, when she gets talking she's known to spit a little! consider yourself warned!

Cheesin up!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Easter this year fell on conference weekend. So I had my kids wear their Easter clothes the Sunday before.
Easter weekend was great! Nana and Papa came back from Vegas with us. We had a fun packed weekend......

We decorated eggsWe made cupcakes and decorated them

We had an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Wood's house

We watched confrence-or at least some of us did!!!
Easter morning the kids had to find there Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny hid! Here are some snap shots
Easter reminds me of how truly blessed I am.

Spring Break

For spring break we headed down to where it would be warmer-Las Vegas! Boy did we enjoy warmer weather! The first day we got there, we headed straight for the park. We spent the next 2 hours just enjoying actually being outside! It was fantastic!
Swinging with Papa!

One if the highlights, rolling or running down the grassy hill!
even Nana got in on the fun!
Time for a break
After the park we had dinner and let's just say the kids had no problem going to bed! Awwww so cute!

Thursday we went to this aquarium. The kids loved it. They saw a marine biologist feed the fish. Then they had a mermaid swim with the fish. She waved to all the kids and even blew them kisses!
Messing around at Bass Pro Shop
After the aquarium we went to Town Center, which is a outdoor mall with a play place and nice grass area right off the strip on Las Vegas Blvd. The kids had a blast playing around and us girls had a great time sneaking in a little shopping! Oh and the churros we had, were more than amazing!It was so fun this was the only pic I got!

Friday we finished our Las Vegas trip with some shopping at the mall, lunch at In N Out then we all headed home. It was a great little trip!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dance Dance Dance

Addy had her first dance competition in St.George on the 27th of March. Her cousins Hannah and Hailey were also dancing, so we decided to make it a little girls weekend. Tina booked the hotel and off we went! Friday night started off with The Olive Garden, girls choice of course! Then we did a little shopping and back to the hotel for some pool time!

After pool time it was bath time
then bed time for a good night rest!Saturday started off early, breakfast, hair and make-up for 3 girls all before 7:30! Surprising enough we made it to Dixie High on time! The girls each did 2 dances. So fun to watch them all and especially have them watch each other and cheer for each other. I'm so glad that even though they were competing they were so supportive and happy for each other!

Addy and Hailey-best buds!!!!
Addy with her team-Mini company!
Addy in her lift during the Jazz dance! Which they took first in!!
The girls with Nana and Papa. Thanks for coming and supporting the girls! We love ya!
Addy and Hailey after their last dances!
Addy, Hannah and Hailey. They all did great!

Me and my sis, awaiting the results! Love ya TJ! I think we just found a new tradition!

Addy and her team celebrating at the awards ceremony! Addy took 1st in Jazz and 2nd in Lyrical! Hailey took 1st in Lyrical and 4th in Jazz. Hannah took 1st in Lyrical and Jazz! Great Job girls!