Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is how I found Ky this morning....... in my bed with the remote. What is it with men/boys and the remote?!?!?!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowmobiling Fun!

Bryan's Uncle has a kids snowmobile and since the kids didn't have school today, we went snowmobiling! It was so fun! Of course Dawson thought it was the coolest! He kept yelling" Whoo hoo" and "are we going fast enough"! Addy was a natural. She went with me the first 2 times then was off on her own and really loved it. Ky, to my surprise , loved it as well. I thought that maybe he would go once and then be done-nope. He really liked it!
Guess Santa has a good idea for next year!

Oh and to the birthday fairy......please bring me a new camera for my birthday. One that doesn't go on the fritz like today. I have no pics of the days fun adventures because my camera decided to be hormonal!!! UGH!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hailey's Baptism

This weekend we headed up to Salt Lake for a very special occasion. My sweet niece Hailey got baptized. I am so glad we live close enough that we could go. I love my little Miss Hailey and am so proud of her decision. I am so grateful that her and Addy are so close, both in age and friends. She is a great example to Addy and all those around her. Love ya Miss Hailey!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spotlight on Addy

Today we got to celebrate Addy's birthday at school. Mrs. Berkey, Addison's teacher asks the kids to bring up to 10 things that help tell about them. Addy chose to bring-in no specific order:
-American girl doll(just 1 of them)
-Nintendo Ds
-cuttle kids cutter
-digital camera
-picture of Jesus
-piano books
-dance picture

I have to say it was heartwarming to hear her talk about the things that are important to her and help define who she is! I am so grateful for the little lady she is becoming!
The kids then got to ask her questions and she got to answer them! That was a hoot!
Best of all we got to bring treats! Addy chose to bring cupcakes.

Brooklynn, Addy, Halle, Maia, Tayah

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Addison!!

T0day was Addison's birthday, she is now officially 8!!! She started off the day with our traditional breakfast in bed. This year her request was pancakes with OJ.

The boys were so excited to bring her breakfast and sing to her!

I let her open 1 present before school.......
a new watch! She loved it!!!!
After her "great" day at school she did homework and went to piano. Then her dinner of choice was chicken fettuccine alfredo. Good choice. Then we invited the fam over for cake and ice cream. Both Dad and Grandpa were out of town but everyone else came!

Make a wish!

Ky fully enjoying his cake and ice cream. Her present from Mom and Dad. Her 1st full set of scriptures. YEAH! Her brothers gave her a scripture case, sorry forgot a pic.
Aunt Fefe, Richard and the girls gave her this. A cute jewelry holder with earrings and a necklace along with the adorable sign below!

Addy got some $$$ dough as well. I say she raked it in!!! Thanx everyone for the calls and the cards and making her birthday special. Happy Birthday Addy! We love you and are so grateful for all the JOY, SMILES, LAUGHS and yes even the DRAMA you bring into our family!!!!