Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

We had so much fun this year for Halloween! It was great weather and all the kids were so excited to go trick or treating-especially Ky!
For dinner on Saturday, Halloween fell on a Sunday, before we went trick or treating we had a Halloween dinner-Ghouls in the Graveyard

Along with Goblin droppings and blood to drink
Dessert- Spiders which the kids made.

My Hippie

My Jedi

My Football player-GO AGGIES!
Ready to go!

We went trick or treating around our neighborhood and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids love handing out candy there. Plus Nanny wanted to take them trick or treating.
Going trick or treating with Nanny!
Their loot!

On Sunday-actual Halloween we had a mini Halloween dinner of crazy eyed tacos
For dessert I made pumpkin cake and invited Grandma and Grandpa Morris, Grandma and Grandpa and Nanny over to enjoy! It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apples and Pumpkins

Tonight we carved our pumpkins and made caramel apples. It was so fun to have Grandma and Nanny there! I love carving pumpkins, I look forward to this activity with my kids every year! Nanny was excited about the caramel apples(as was I)!

Making caramel apples
Carving! Love that Addy still hates getting out the guts, Ky is unsure what to think and Dawson is like me-loves to just get in and get the guts out!

Ky's crazy pumpkin

Dawson's silly pumpkin
Addy's spider pumpkin
Finished! Turned out Great!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pie for Bubba

After we finished watching Addy's dance we headed down to Salt Lake and met up with my brother- the birthday boy- his family, Tina and her kids along with Dawson. Since it was Bubba's birthday we went to none other than the Pie. It is sooooo good!

The Birthday boy! He is opening up cards and this is the only pic I got of him. Ummmm maybe it was because I was to busy shoving yummy food in my face!
Luckily Heather took some pics as well

Ky was flirting with the people waiting outside! It was quite cute!

Braiden completely worn out-man Mason must throw some kind of party!
After dinner we headed home. We almost adopted another little one. Holly was so cute and kept saying she wanted to come home with me. Of course I said OK. She said by to her Mom and Dad and Lila and was ready to go! AHHH I love my Holly. Wished she really could have come stay with me for a little bit. Can't wait until one day she can!


Over UEA we headed up North. Addy got to attend a dance convention called Epic. It was held in Midway,UT so we left on Thursday and stayed at Tina's. The kids all got to play and it was great weather. Friday we got up, left Dawson with Tina because it was Mason's birthday party on Saturday so he was having a sleepover that night with his cousins at Mason's house. Bry, Addy, Ky and myself made our way to beautiful Midway. We stayed at the Homestead, which was where the convention was at. I really enjoyed the Homestead. This convention was by invitation only and only 5 studios in the state were invited! Pretty cool!

The whole On Stage Crew that went-making funny faces
Addy's dance started at 3 so after she was settled, Bry hit up the golf course and I hit up Park city with Ky man in tow! It was so much fun to have just him with me. That night we got some grub, picked up Addy and were just all plum tuckered out!
Saturday after Addy's dance started Bryan, Ky and I once again hit up Park City. We spent the day shopping and eating-pretty good day in my book! That afternoon about 4 we all gathered in the convention rooms so the girls could show off what they learned. That was fun and really amazing. So glad Addy got the opportunity to go and learn and be exposed to all these really amazing dancers/teachers! After they show off all the dances, they passed out scholarships for next year(which means they get to come back for free). Addy was slightly bummed she didn't get one but said this to me, "Mom I am going to work really hard this year and work super hard when I come back next year so I can get one of those scholarships". Melt my heart. I love that she is realizing that anything is possible if we put our minds to it and work really hard at our dreams. I hope her dream comes true-I love to see her passion!

Caroline-her jazz teacher
Leo- her lyrical teacher

Didn't get a picture with her Hip Hop teacher- Trey or Stephanie her ballet teacher, but she really loved them too!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins at the farm

Today we headed to Grandpa Morris's farm to pick our pumpkins. We went with Grandma & Grandpa Morris, Mom and Dad, Suz, and Karen and Bruce. The weather was great and we had a fantastic time. The kids LOVE the farm. Here are some reasons why

They love picking their pumpkins......

Dawson's claimed his pumpkin

Addy's prized pumpkin

Ky found his

They love running and hiding in the cornfield
The hay is always a hit!
We ended the fun with a picnic dinner at the park in Parowan.
It was a great family night. I love that my kids get to enjoy the these things and that they remember them and talk about them year after year. I'm so grateful we live close to family and have the opportunity to have these simple fun memories!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nanny's Home

So the major reason for having our fun weekend in Vegas was to pick up Nanny at the airport. I can't believe her mission has seem to fly by and yet when I think of all that has happened it seems like she has been gone for ever! We have missed her so much-especially my kiddos! They were beyond excited for her arrival from Sweden, so for FHE we made her a welcome home sign........

Ok so we had some minor set backs with flights. When Nanny, Mom and Dad Grandma and Grandpa Morris were leaving Sweden they had major plane issues and they were delayed HOURS! So in turn they missed their connecting flight in NY. The airlines had rebooked them only they were all on different flights. It was a little crazy. I think someone was watching over us though because they were all able to somehow get rebooked onto the same flight which came into Vegas at midnight. We decided we were not going to miss seeing Nanny come home no matter how late it was. Our kids however had no problems going so late other than I think their anticipation level rose 10 times! Ky of course fell asleep, but caught on to the excitement in the air quickly! Here is the kids awaiting Nanny!

These 2 were just way beyond excited! Even at Midnight, can ya tell?
And they are off.....
Such a happy moment! So cute!
Welcome home Nanny! Thanks for your amazing example not only to me but my children. We love more than words can express!

Vegas Weekend

Thursday the 7th(of October-yes I am that far behind) we left for Vegas for the weekend. It was a fun filled weekend with the highlight on Sunday when Nanny came home! We hung out at my parents....
took the kids to the park,with a splash pad of course. The weather was Amazing!

We spent Saturday at Mt. Charelston, BBQ'd, hiked and just relaxed!
Had a nice night out
It was a great weekend! I loved hanging out with my parents, Bubba, Heather and their kiddos!