Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Addy has been asking me for a little while now if she could cut her hair. I like her long hair, but don't really care if she wants to cut it. I do however get sick of the, shall we say( heated) discussions constantly about how to do her hair. I have also waited to see if this was just a fleeting request, which was not the case. So today we went to the salon and we chopped it off.

BeforeMcCall cut it so cute and she looks adorable! Most important is that she thinks she looks like hot stuff!! She loves it. Thanx McCall!

Addy also decided to donate her hair to locks of love! A cute haircut and a service, who could want anything more.

Is it just me or does this picture of her hair just creep ya out a little.
Here is the post card Addy got in the mail from locks of love........

I asked Addy how she felt when she got this card, she said, "Awesome and Happy".


I saw Twilight on Friday night with some of my friends. I think I was the last person in the world to read the books- in fact I am on #3 Eclipse right now. Movies are never better than the books but I must say I did enjoy the movie cheesy parts and all. Although I could have done without the giggly girls laughing at every thing. Ugh! I must also say I expected a little more showing of Twilight apparel. We were among a select few who were sporting Twilight shirts. Ya I know I am cool! It was a great night!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Couch Sale!

I have a couch and love seat that we are selling. We decided to remodel our front room and make it a office for Bryan. I love these couches, but we wont have anywhere to use them when the front room is an office. If your interested, or know someone who might be, let us know. I really want to find them a good home!

P.S. I also have a queen headboard, footboard with a dresser we are storing in our garage and are willing to sale if anyone is interested!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just call me Martha

So I did it-well Bryan and I did it! We painted Kyler's crib!! I love it. I think it turned out really cute( not to brag,but I am not very Martha-ee) It took a little longer than I anticipated, but it is finally done. Thanks Bry for all your help, your the best even when I get crazy ideas in my head!
Kyler loving his new crib!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let me start off by saying I just don't get it! A couple of weeks ago Dawson, for reasons beyond my own comprehension, decided it would be fun, thrilling, cool (I guess) to ride his bike down our cement stairs outside that lead to our basement. He did this without wearing a helmet either because he said "I will stay in the backyard Mom." Silly me, I figured that would be O.K. since I didn't think he could go fast enough to get hurt. Just proof I do not think like a boy! He came in crying with scrapes to his hands. Yep that was it. I tried once again to explain to him about being safe. He simply said I am fine I only hurt my hands! SERIOUSLY! No stitches, no broken bones, no helmet, He is so lucky and I guess I count my blessing on that. However luck has to run out some time right? That some time was last night. Last night Dawson was dancing- thats right just dancing in the kitchen when he spun around and whacked his head on the corner of the bottom cabinet. He cut his head right above and into his eyebrow. Off to the ER we went to get his first set of stitches. I say first because I am not naive enough to think he will somehow learn from this. He was really brave at the hospital. He was really nervous about getting a shot but Daddy gave him a blessing before we left, so he was calm and even telling the Dr. jokes. He laid so still when he was getting his stitches-I was so proud, he only sits still when he sleeps! All in all he handled it so well and was a very brave trooper! I just wish I could actually know how to protect him. Apparently he can be evil- canivel outside but no dancing inside. Like I said earlier I just don't get it!!



Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am finally posting my Halloween pics. We had a lot of family fun. We decided to go to the pumpkin patch on the 30th-the day before Halloween. I know we waited to long, mental note to self never wait that long again. Not to be rude or take away from the spirit of Halloween but the patch SUCKED! The pumpkins were mushy and some were rotting. The good news is- yes there is always a silver lining, the kids still had a blast running around trying to find a non mushy, moldy pumpkin! So lets just say the pics from the pumpkin patch, not my fav.
That night we did have a really good time carving them. I was a little surprised, especially at Dawson, that they were grossed out by cleaning out the pumpkin. Whatever. I must admit, finding the silver lining again, that because the pumpkins were on the softer side, it made for much easier carving! The finished products were excellent if I do say so myself!
On Halloween we went trick or treating and had a wonderfully warm and fun evening! For dinner I made a Halloween feast made up of coffin sandwiches, tree bread sticks, Halloween shaped grape jello jigglers, and spider noodles. The kids thought it was great.! It's all about the kids right?

The kids looked so cute and had a great time. Aunt Nanny and Steve took the kids trick or treating for a while, I think the kids wore them out. It was a great Halloween and I can't wait until next year!