Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome to the house of Griffindor

It's official, we are the Griffindor house! Well at least we were for Halloween. Addy was Hermione, Dawson was Harry Potter quitich and Ky was Harry Potter.

We had a great time this Halloween. The weather was actually wonderful so we got to walk around the neighborhood. It was so fun to watch them all go with their friends.
Addy got to go with her friends around our neighborhood as well.

I sure got a kick out of watching them all run in a heard to each house. But I think the funniest thing was when they went to the Mellings. Wayne answered the door. The kids all said, "Trick or Treat!" of course. But Wayne noticed all the Harry potters and their wands and wanted to see a trick first. So Dawson and his quick wit said, "Abra ca dabra make you bald!" To which Wayne and Bic bald head laughed and gave them candy! Good one Daws!
After our neighborhood we hit up Highland Dr and then it was off to Grandmas! Kids still love passing out the candy at Grandmas! It was a great night and I just love the stages my kids are at! It makes it so fun to just sit back and enjoy them!

Happy Halloween 2011

It's Halloween!! Happy Halloween! Here are the kiddos/wizards off to school.
Addy had to bring her costume to change into at school before their class party because they had PE. While the kids were at school I got dinner going! It takes a long time to make goblin brains garnished with eyeball of gargoyle, washed down with blood of a Vampire!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jack O Lanterns and Apples

The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins, had a very festive dinner and made caramel apples with Nanny and Grandma and Grandpa. We love this tradition!

Finished products!!

For Dinner we had "Dinner in a Pumpkin", salad and blood with bat ice cubes. It was so yummy.
After dinner we made caramel apples! Dad was the Man in charge this year!

Enjoying the fruits of their labor!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Fun!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL Fall day. After spending the morning cleaning, we headed to the SUU football game. It was great to be outside and enjoy some of my favorite things, Football, great weather, my family and a Pepsi in hand!! After the game we headed up to Grandma and Grandpas for a bit. As soon as we got there the kids headed straight for the leaves Grandpa had just raked up!

These are the days/moments I want to NEVER forget!!! I love my kiddos!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

This year red ribbon week fell on the week before Halloween, so fun!
Tuesday- Stomp out drugs. Wear silly socks/shoes
Wednesday- We're wild about being drug free! Crazy hair and or mismatched clothes
Thursday-Dream big, don't let drugs catch you snoozin'. Pajama day
Friday-Mustangs are proud to be drug free, wear spirit clothes

Fun week, however I only got pics of crazy hair/mismatched day-

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ky's Class Halloween party

Well Hello Harry!

Ky was so excited that his class was having a Halloween party!!! What a big kid!

What a cute Harry Potter!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Primary Halloween party!

Kids at the Primary Halloween Party! They had a blast! They look forward to this every year!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Home bound!

Today was our last day in Dallas. We spent most of the morning getting our fill of little Luke! He is so cute and I can't wait to see him at Christmas and love on him some more!We truly had a fun, relaxing trip! I love that I got to spend so much one on one time with Addy. I really am grateful for her in my life. I also love getting to spend time with Stephanie. I wish we got to do this more often. Maybe we need to start a tradition?!?!

Like's Blessing day

Luke's Blessing day was wonderful! Richard did a great job, the blessing was beautiful. Luke didn't fuss a peep and he looked adorable in his outfit! It was so nice to see and hang out with the family- Morris and Chio, Ben and Julieanne- especially since we don't get to see them often enough!
Here is Luke with his cute family!

I am positive these are Luke's favorite Aunts!!!

Addy loving on Luke after his long day!
Addy and Ellie-just relaxing at the end of the day

Dallas Day 4

We started off Saturday by going to Ellie's soccer game. Oh how I love these games. It made me think of when Addy and Dawson played at her age. So fun to watch!!
Ellie the soccer star!
Addy entertaining Julsey during the game!

That afternoon all us girlies headed back to the American Girl doll store, Seriously we can't get enough! Addy brought her Ellie doll, so we decided to get her ears pierced and her hair done!Addy had been wanting to do this for a long time, however we dont live near an American Girl store. So to be able to do this was so awesome! It was so fun for me to just watch Addy. I will never forget being with her and just watching her that day. It was just another huge reality that she is growing up so fast and I really want to cherish these moments. Before I know it she will be done with dolls and she'll be off driving! Just not ready for that!

Ellie getting her hair done- Addy chose a

Addy had to sign to get her Ellie back
So happy!

Great day! I love this little gal and am so happy and blessed to be her Mom!

That night it was off to Pappasitos for the best fajitas(so we have been told).
Well as you can see, they were not wrong! The food was delish!! Addy and I also tried quail for the 1st time as well. It was yummy! Addy loved the fajitas as well as the ribs she is chowing down on in the picture! You go girl!