Saturday, August 30, 2008

Addy our little cheerleader

Last night was Canyon View High school's first home football game and Addy got to be a Cheerleader! This was her second time doing this and she just loves it-Gee I wonder why, you get to dance, jump around and be as loud as you can! Guess she does take after me in more ways than one. This time she did it with her best bud Brooklynn, Avery and Cassie. I think she enjoyed it that much more being with her friends. I think this is just a small glimpse into our future! Addy said "I can't wait to be a cheerleader when I grow up!" So I guess, GO FALCONS!

Old cheerleader-Future cheerleader- Like Mother Like Daughter-

Avery,Cassie,Addy and Brooklynn

I love football games and so did the boys. It was Kyler's first game and he was wide eyed most of the time. Dawson just kept asking questions about the game and when he needed to shout DEFENSE! It was a great game, Canyon View won and we celebrated by getting some ice cream! Perfect ending to a great night!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Suzanne at the Temple

Last night we went to the temple with Bryan's beautiful sis Suzanne for the first time. She is going on a mission to Sweden, and as excited as I am for her I am not going to lie, I am going to miss her SO SO SO SO MUCH! She will be an awesome missionary and the people of Sweden are so lucky to have her. What a great example she is to me, my kids and our family. Love Ya Nanny!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tagged Twice

I have been tagged twice and in different ways and you all have been very patient so her it goes. First off I am in awe that I am blogging during the day-how lucky am I

-The funny things my kids say and do
-Being with my family and friends
-Being a nurse the adrenaline and helping people
-You all know food makes me smile,especially chocolate
-The first snow- I love the snow
-The fall season in general-love the smell of rain
-The ocean,beach and sunsets
-Dancing-doing and watching, especially Addy
- Watching sports
- Shopping of course
-Going on dates with my hubby
-The gospel,where would I be without it

-Not having a good relationship with my kids
-Not being the best mom I can be
-Not living up to my potential
-Not living in the moment
-Not scrapbooking or documenting our families memories.
-Drowning- crazy I know because I love the water and am not scared when swimming
I think it is the thought of drowning that scares me
-Getting in a car accident with my kids in the car

-Learn to play the piano
-I wish I could say run a marathon, but I just want to get back in shape
(I guess in some ways I run a marathon daily with my 3 kids!)
-Eventually go back to school and further my nursing career
-Be someone my kids are proud of
-Take dance lessons with my hubby
-Travel to Europe with Bryan
-Try to keep my house somewhat clean on a daily basis-dumb I know
-Shoot under par and have whoopi twice a day
OH wait those are my hubby's goals-NOT MINE!

-The olympics
-Blogging obviously
- Playing with Ky
-Have to have a treat before I go to bed

4 Things I like about my Hubby
-He will do anything to make me happy
-He is spontaneous and he makes me laugh
-He is a great Dad
-He is a very hard worker

4 Movies I would watch more than once
-Mamma Mia
-Bourne Series
-The Notebook
-Phantom of the Opera

4 T.V. shows I watch
- So you think you can dance
-Greys Anatomy
-American Idol

4 Places I have been

4 Places I would like to go
-New York
-Florida again
-All over Europe
-Washington DC

4 People who email me regularly
- Heather
-My dad
-My sister
-Kraft foods

4 Things I like to eat
-Ice cream
-Chocolate chip cookies with milk

4 Things I am looking forward to this year
-10 year anniversary trip with Bryan
-Hopefully starting on the basement
-Watching Ky grow up
-Addy and Dawson in school

OK there you have it. The in's and out's of what makes me tick and what goes on in my crazy little head! Wow all that deep, thought provoking questions, I think I need a cookie!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day at First Grade

So today was the 1st day of school. Addy woke up and I think the nerves caught up with her, well for about 10 minutes, she did not want to go to school. We cuddled in bed for a minute and then she was off getting dressed and ready for school. Bryan made breakfast so I could shower-what a awesome guy. He even fulfilled her request to have a heart shaped waffle(it was a frozen waffle mind you but so cute! What a great Dad!)
Addy just kept kissing Ky-I think she is really going to miss him!

We drove her to school walked her in, put her backpack away gave kisses and off we went. I thought about her all day long and wondered how and what she was doing. However I did enjoy my day with my boys! We went to Wal-Mart, lunch with Bryan, came home played with Ky. While he napped me and Dawson made cookies and played games. I got 2 loads of laundry done and even played a little on the computer. Great day! We walked over to the bus stop, Bry even came, to meet Addy. This was her first time ever riding the bus home from school. When she got off she was all smiles! She had a wonderful day. I wanted to walk home with her just so she knew the way, probably more for my piece of mind than anything else, she just walked ahead with all her friends as I chatted with the other moms. She is so grown up. When we got home we had cookies and milk and talked about her day. When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was she said "Oh I just love the lunch room!" I guess I should not be surprised that a child of mine's favorite part of the day was eating- she must take after me!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School starts tomorrow and I must say as glad as I am for Addy to be back in school and for my life to have some order again, tonight I am a little emotional. Addy will be gone all day. I know she will enjoy it and I am sure I will as well(it will be nice to do errands with only 2 chitlins by my side and spend individual time with them. I am wowed when I think of all I could possibly do and get done!) but I also know how much I will miss her! She is so helpful. I think it will definitely be hard for Dawson who just adores his sister. They have been playing so well together and I know he will miss her. Bry gave her a fathers blessing tonight just as he has every year she has gone to school and I am grateful for that, it gives me comfort. Especially because I realize that she will be gone more hours of the day than she will be home with me! I can only pray that the spirit will be with her and that we have done enough as parents that she will make good friends and choices.
Addy is so excited and I love watching her and seeing the excitement just flow from her. Oh to be a kid again!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kyler is 3 months!

My sweet little baby is now 3 months old! He is such a great addition to our family. We all love him and just adore him. He has a smile like his older sister that just lights up the room. He is active, persistent and strong like his older brother. He loves his older brother and sister and is very calm through all their loving tortures. I absolutely love the stage he is at right now. He coo's at us all the time and just smiles when he sees you. He is trying so hard to laugh when daddy tickles him-so cute. Last night he was on his tummy and rolled over to his back for the first time. He is trying so hard to roll over to his tummy. He scoots around on the floor already by pushing off oh his right heel. He loves to stand all the time and getting him to sit takes some creativity. He is getting his pictures taken this week and I will post some of our handsome little guy. We are so blessed to have in our family. I love him so much and just enjoying every second as he grows!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Logan Friends!

On Monday while Bryan worked I went to lunch with my friends, Heidi and her son Jaxon, Meghan and her kids Landon, Halle and Maren, Anjie and her pregnant belly(so cute by the way), and Jill with her kids Ava and Ty, and my sis. in law Heather and my cute little niece Holly. Becky we did miss ya. I can't believe that after 10 years of high school we still keep in touch. I consider myself so blessed to have these wonderful gals as my best friends! It was so fun to see them all and their kids, especially since we have all been scattered about the U.S. We all had a blast hanging out at the park. That night Heidi, Meg, Becky and I went to Mama Mia! It was literally the most fun I have had in a very long time. We were singing and dancing and just have a great time. Even though we are 30 we still know how to have a good time!! I miss my friends so much and am glad we all still keep in touch. That night we ate dinner over at Bubba and Heather's of course that was after Heather and I did some much needed shopping! Addy and Landon Maren, Jaxon, Landon, Addy and Dawson
-not all the kids wanted to be in the photo-
Jill, Me, Heidi and Meghan
Addy's photography, sorry Jill I was waiting for the other copies were you were actually looking.

On Tuesday we went to the Logan pool with all our old neighborhood gang, Jen and her boys Tate and Easton, Amy and her clan- Emily, Haydn, Riley, Gracie and Jake, and Becky and her kids Ashton, Ethan, and Macy and Heather and Holly. It was so fun to be around them. I miss them and the comradery we had as a neighborhood. Our kids all just get along so well and we just all get to chat and discuss life's little dramas. That night we had dinner with them at the park. I love Mack park-it was a perfect ending to a great day and a great vacation. Addy and best pal Ashton at Mack park
Becky, Me and Amy
-once again Addy's wonderful photography-

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bear Lake Pictures

Bear Lake

Saturday we headed up to Logan. It was good to be back in Logan-we miss it. We had dinner with the Mortimers, "Good Times". We saw old friends and neighbors-The Molyneaux, Ballards, Coombs, Robbs. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!
While in Logan we decided to chill out at Bear lake. We went with my brother and his wife Heather and their little girl Holly, and the Molyneaux. We rented jet ski's and just hung out on the beach. It was literally the perfect day! It was Kyler's first time at the beach. He just stood in the water and loved the sand on his feet. It was Addy and Dawson's first time on jet ski's. The bad thing is they went with their Dad first and he did not hold back. So lets just say the kids prefered to go with me. However I think it is safe to say Heather and I did not hold back on the jet ski's against the guys! After the day at the beach we ate at Bear Lake Pizzeria. Soooo good! Labuea's was closed so no shake for us-oh well. The kids had a great time and it was a really fun family day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Hoorah

We went on our last scheduled little get away before school starts. I will post our adventures a couple of days at a time so not to overwhelm you or me trying to post all at once. We spent pioneer day at my Aunt Sherri's in Herriman. We had a blast, so fun I did not even take one picture. Sorry. We swam and ate and then swam and of course ate some more, Perfect! Our kids were tuckered out by the end of the day and the next day as well. That I got a picture of-
On Friday we went hiking up Pleasant Grove canyon to some waterfalls with my sis Tina, hubby Marc and their clan . The kids had a really good time and I just loved watching them name the mountains, find walking sticks, explore caves and play in the water. It is fun for me to see the world through the eyes of my children. How excited they get when they see a butterfly, squirrel or the cool names they came up with for the mountains and just to be happy and care free. It kind of surprised me but Dawson was a little timid at the waterfall-I know crazy uhh! Ky just loves to be outside and even slept a little. After the hike we had to cool off with a Maggie Moos ice cream-yummy! Thanx Tina and Marc for a fun day!

Dawson and Daddy -how cute!