Monday, November 29, 2010

O Chritmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Saturday(27th) we got our Christmas tree! We got a great one this year! Of course we decorated it that night. This is one of my favorite Christmas events! I just love it! I love how it's smell just fills the room. Oh and I love my tree this year even more than usual-thanks to some new touches! Here it is not quite done-missing the ribbon- but close enough.


This year we decided to not just talk about what we are thankful on Thanksgiving but to focus on it all month long. We made a Gratitude jar. It was so fun. Daily we all would write at least one thing we are grateful for. Then we all read them together on Thanksgiving night. It was heartwarming and so cute to see what things my kids are thankful for. Every time we asked Ky what he wanted to say he was thankful for, his 2 responses were "President Monson" and "the Gospel"! Words can't express how truly grateful I am for them and how much I truly love them. It was a fun new tradition that we are all looking forward to again next year!


Thanksgiving night we had a mini Christmas with Richard, Steph and the girls. It was fun! Although it did make me a titch sad we wont be with them on Christmas this year! It is nice to have other kids around, makes it so much more fun!

Singing Christmas songsKy got Toy Story 3 lego train! He loves it
We got one for Ellie and she love it too!
Harry Potter lego's-not sure what happened to this pic, tried uploading it 3 different times!
Coconut to go with her American girl dolls! I love Bry's face!
Mom and Dad opening their tickets to see Jersey Boys in Vegas from Steph, Richard, Bry and myself.
Our mini Christmas was fun- we are just getting warmed up!!!

Happy Turkey Day!

This year we stayed in Cedar for Thanksgiving. Steph, Richard and the girls came for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun while they were here. Taylor was planning on coming as well but at last minute was told he had to work. Huge bummer but at least we will see him for Christmas. Thanksgiving Day was great. Yummy food and great company!

Grandpa Morris playing cards with the kids.

Enjoying the appetizers and being goofy
Mom and Dad getting the last little touches ready
Bry and his sisters, Stephanie and Suzanne better known as Fefe and Nanny!
Dawson, Addy and Ellie
Everyone smiling because the food was soooo good! And we are all FULL!

Nap time! Ky and Grandpa Morris are just tuckered out!
While Ky slept Ellie, Addy and Dawson had some much needed down time on Grandma's bed watching TV

Bet you can guess how long that lasted. All the kids now playing on Grandmas bed!

It was a wonderful day! I have so much to be grateful for! I am so blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving!

My Boys

I love my boys. They are so much a like and yet so very different! Dawson is super busy, going 24/7. Yet he is sweet and complimentary and loves to just cuddle with his mamma! He is strong and aggressive. Loves sports and is fast. Ky on the other hand is very methodical. He can be mischievous and loves to tease as well. He is also good at sports and is very coordinated. A couple of weeks ago in two separate occasions that happened, just shows how my boys are so different.
Dawson and I were playing a game and the batteries needed to be changed. He was trying to get it open and I said to him you need a screwdriver wait here and I'll go get one. I went to the garage to get one and by the time I got back, he had broken it off. I said-"Dawson I told you we needed to use a screwdriver bud and now you broke it off. You need to be more patient and you need to think buddy, use your brain."
To which he replied-"I did use my brain. I told my brain to use my muscles!" What do ya say to that?

Then you have Ky. He came to me one morning while I was getting ready and had a piece of his Halloween candy in his hand. He asked if he could have it. I said sure after lunch. He started to beg a little and I stayed firm with my decision. Once he saw he was getting no where he left after saying "OK". I actually thought Oh that went well- he is learning! He loves his candy and will often throw big fit if he can't have it. For instance when I asked Ky what he wanted for lunch today he said-"My Halloween candy!" Anyway-was I wrong. A couple minutes later he comes in saying "HA HA HA HA". I look over and he is eating the candy and raising his hand which is displaying the rest of the candy! I asked him how he got it opened. He so smugly and proud said, "I climbed up I got you scissors and I opened it. HA HA HA". Not sure whether to be mad or laugh I leaned down to him, only to notice he was bleeding. Ya he cut himself just ever so slightly but was just so proud of himself he didn't notice or care! Seriously!

My boys not only keep my on my toes but they keep me laughing through the day as well! What else can I say but I just love them!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spiritual Driving Lesson

So tonight as we went to pick up Addy from dance I took both the boys and Nanny with me. The boys wanted to listen to particular songs during the ride, Jesus take the wheel being one of them. We got there a little early and while waiting in the car the following conversation took place........
Dawson- "Mom Jesus did a not so nice thing in that song"
Me-" What" (slightly confused)
Dawson- "Jesus did something that was not nice in that song"
Me- "What do you mean?"
Dawson-"Well Jesus just took the wheel from her and he didn't even ask"
Me-(smiling and slightly chuckling)"Dawson he wasn't being mean, she was saying to him- Jesus take my wheel. Daws what does a steering wheel do?"
Dawson- " It turns the car right or left"
Me-"Ya.It helps you to turn so you can stay on the road. She was asking Jesus to take her wheel and help her get back on the road. She felt like she had made some bad choices or turns and needed help getting back on the road or the right path. Who do you think is the best driver ever?"
Me- "That's right! So that is why she is asking him to take her wheel and help her get back on the right road. Do you think he will help her?"
Me- "Do you think he will help you if you need help when you make a bad choice or a wrong turn?"
Me- "Your right of course he will. He loves us so much he wants to help us we just have to ask. Just like she did in the song!"

It ended up being quite a touching moment. I love this kid and am so grateful for his sweet simple yet strong testimony! It strengthens mine daily! Love ya Dawson

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So USU played SUU in Cedar and of course we went sporting our Aggie apparel!

True blue attitude like only Addy can give!
USU in the HOUSE!
Go Aggies!

Nanny stayed neutral wearing gray!
The haters! Drew, Jon and Shannon. Not really haters just SUU fans!
Oh Jon your so FUNNY!

I love this picture! A happy family after a great game, which we won of course!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beat Freaks!

Tonight was Dawson's Hip Hop recital. He loves hip hop and is great at it! He was really excited that Aunt Fefe, Richard and the girls were here for Thanksgiving and got to see him dance! As usual they rocked it and the crowd LOVED them!

Great job Beat Freaks!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Man's Stitches

Ky got his 1st set of stitches last night-Thursday 11th. He was playing with Addy in the living room and then walked to the kitchen to get a drink. He hit the corner of the bar and cut his forehead open. Addy was a little traumatized but was able to think under pressure and got the situation under control! Ky handled it like a champ.Afterwards-All smiles!

I am sure this is the first of many stitches for this little guy. Especially since he tries so hard to keep up with his older brother!

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Regular me"

So tonight(the 8th) as we were reading Dawson's take home book, which was about frogs, we had the following conversation........
Me-Look at that frog. It looks like he has warts all over him.
Dawson- Ya Mom it does.
Me- Hey Dawson how is that wart on your toe anyway(we took him to the Dr. to freeze it off)
Dawson-It all gone Mom! Now I'm just regular me and not wart me!!!!

I just love this kid!


Seriously- He is all boy!!!

And I love it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

YW and the BYU game

On Saturday November 4th the YM/YW all went to the BYU football game. It was a gorgeous day! I love football and it was a good game especially if you are a BYU fan! The kids all had a great time as well. We have such great youth in our ward. I love being in the YW and am so impressed by them.The gals in my car Mckenzie, Maddie, Cassie, BreAnn and Mari my co-pilot! A great bunch to travel with!

We had great seats at the game!
Fillmore getting gas and of course getting a picture with the wildlife!