Friday, October 31, 2008

Amber's Gift - Importance of being a Donor

Click here to read story and watch video.

My mom was on the local Las Vegas news tonight to relate the story of my sister Amber. For those who don't know, Amber died in a car wreck 13 years ago. She was only 17 at the time. Because she was a donor, they were able to give her corneas to two individuals who, thru my sister's gift, were able to see once again. Kind of neat to see they were able to share the story on TV.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Um Testiclescope!

I worked yesterday so my work purse was sitting out on the bench. This morning Dawson got out my stethoscope and was playing around with it. Bry asked him and I quote,
"Hey Daws do you remember what that is called?"
"Um yea it's a tesiclescope."
Bryan said laughing "A what?"
Dawson kindly repeated it again, "A testiclescope."
Then Addy pipped in saying "You mean a stethoscope."
Bryan and I fighting back the tears, some how kept enough composure to agree with Addy.
"Oh right a stethoscope."
Needless to say Bryan had a little talk with him about his anatomy! So hopefully if Dawson ever asks if he can listen to your heart he wont use a testiclescope!

Halloween Playgroup

Tuesday for playgroup Natalie planned a Halloween party. We all brought a treat or a game. The kids had a blast with pumpkin bowling, octopus ring toss, freeze dance, musical chairs, hot pumpkin and of course decorating cookies! It was fun to see all of them in their costumes-so cute!
Dawson and Janae-his "girlfriend". We asked him what that meant and he said it means we are getting married when we get older silly. You can tell he has an older sister, I don't think most boys his age would say that! So cute none the less.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Full of Fall Fun!

This past weekend was packed with fun for all. Friday was the Halloween Carnival at Addy's school. We had a blast getting all dressed up and playing games. The kids all looked so cute!

Brooklynn a.k.a. Hannah Montana, Addy a.k.a. High School Musical Cheerleader, Dawson a black Power Ranger who glows in the dark-that is very important to mention!

Addy and her friend Malia.

The kids got to play all sorts of games and jump on a big bouncy thinger. The part I enjoyed the most was when Addy and Dawson did the donut eating on a string! I laughed so hard. It was so funny!
Addy cheering Dawson on!

Where did it go?
Go get it girl!
Way to be creative!

That's right get it any way ya can buddy!

After the carnival we headed to the football game- Canyon View vs Cedar High. Nothing like a good ol' fashion home town rival. The weather was perfect not to cold, but cold enough to feel like fall. The kids had a blast and even Ky liked to watch. He was not about to sit in his car seat and miss a thing. Here is a snap shot of Addy and Dawson with Grandpa!

Saturday was a Mommy Daughter day. I took Addy to see HSM3, for all of you who don't speak young girl, that is High School Musical 3. It was so fun to be with just her. We really enjoyed it and laughed a lot. I know I needed that. It was such cute show, and the music very catchy. I am sure you'll find me with those tunes stuck in my head!

Saturday afternoon I had a much needed girls day. I left all the kids with Bryan and off I went. Thanx hunny. We headed straight for the OG-Olive Garden if you don't speak Mom. I laughed so hard and actually ate when my food came. I wished I could say it was nice and quiet, but I am afraid we were not the most soft spoken people in there. It was nice to just be with the girls and have a little break. Thanx Trisha, Julie and Nat for a great day. You are great friends!

Sunday was just a great day. The kids behaved in church! That in and of itself makes for a great day. To top it off one of our friends invited us over for dinner, so I didn't even have to cook! YEA!! A good weekend was had by all and I really enjoyed it, well the memory of it, because unfortunately not every weekend is like that.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh Kyler!

I feel like I have neglected little Kyler in my blogging lately. He is 5 months already. My how time flies. He has been crawling since the last week of September! I know it-CRAZY. I got out Dawson's baby book and he was not crawling at this age. It is a real love hate relationship for me. I love each new stage and can't wait for the next. However it means he is growing up and he is doing it so fast. It also means he is mobile! Now I have 2 crazy moving boys! It is just the beginning I fear. Kyler loves to crawl into tight places. I was able to snap some pics of some of the creative place he crawls.
Happy and content until it was time to get out.

And of course zig zagging under the table and chairs.

I love my little guy so much. I also am feeling like a little bit of a slacker because I am just now mailing his birth announcements! Better late that never RIGHT! I know he is 5 months already who cares- that is what Bryan tells me- but I don't want him to be my only child who didn't have an announcement. I know he probably wont care, he is a boy, but I do care, so I posted a picture of his announcement for all to see because I did not order as many as originally planned because he is 5 months old.

Kyler is so fun to have in our home and is just such a happy baby. We all adore his laugh and I may be biased but is that not one of the cutest smiles around! Words can not express how lucky I feel to be his Mom and have him in my life! I love ya Goobers!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

This past week was UEA- which meant my kids did not have school Thursday, Friday or Today! So we hit the road. We took the kids to Las Vegas. We went to the Conservatory at the Bellagio and saw the water show. Then we went to the M&M factory on the Vegas strip. My brother and his awesome wife Heather and little Holly were there so we all met up to spend the day together. It was a blast. The kids had a really good time at the M&M factory and loved the water show. We spent the rest of the weekend playing cards and games. Saturday Bubba, Heather and Holly left so after a birthday breakfast for Bubba we hit the malls! It was great. We got back to the condo in perfect time for game 6 of the Boston-Tampa Bay game. Too bad Tampa lost. The kids were a little bummed the pool was closed for cleaning(so a neighbor said). Addy drowned her sorrows by kicking Dawson and my butt at cards. She loves a game called 9 innings and I have never won against her, Seriously! Sunday we leisurely got up and headed for home. It was a great weekend just me and my family and glad I was able to share some of it with Bubba, Heather and Cute little Holly!
Ky, Addy and Dawson by the M&M Nascar

So many colors to chose from!!!
Being Silly on the strip-Strike a pose!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Purses anyone?

Everyone likes a good deal on a purse, right so check out this website. They are having a free handbag contest. No joke check it out! Handbag Planet.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Anybody Hungry For A Kit Kat!

So this morning right after I got out of the shower about 9:30, I got a phone call from Addy at school. She has never called me before so I was a little alarmed. Here is how the conversation went down.
Addy-"Hi Mom."
Me- "Addy"
Addy-"Mom my tummy hurts."
"Oh, Do you feel like you need to throw up?"
"Have you gone to the bathroom today?"
Addy-"Yea. I just think it is because I am hungry."
"Are ya sure, you ate a really good breakfast."(she had a waffle)
Addy-"Yea. Could you bring me a snack?"
"Are you with the school nurse right now?"
Addy-"Yea, she is in the main office part. My teacher gave me a note to come and see her."
"O.K. can you ask her if she can give you a cracker or something, maybe that would help"
Addy-"No I didn't. I don't want to, could you just bring me a snack, I think that would help."
"Well Addy I just got out of the shower and Ky is sleeping. Can't you ask the nurse for something? You have $ in you lunch account if you need to pay for it."
"Do you need me to come and get you?"
Addy-"No. I just want you to bring me a snack."
"Are you having a bad day? Did something happen at school today?"
"Well what would you want me to do, what snack are you wanting me to bring?"
Addy-"I don't know, maybe a.....Kit Kat."
"NO Addy I am not going to bring you a Kit Kat. If you tummy hurts I am not bringing you a Kit Kat."
Addy-sounding a little down"O.K."
"Are you sure you don't need me to come and get ya?"
Addy-"No no you don't need to come and get me."
I told her to check with the nurse to see if she had crackers or juice to give her and I reassured
her I would try to pack her a snack from now on, and that she should call me if her tummy got worse. SERIOUSLY!!!! I was in awe of the conversation I just had. Did she seriously just call me for a KIT KAT! What a hoot, Addy I just love ya!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dawson's Fire Station Adventure

On Tuesday for our play group I arranged for us to go to the fire station. It was a lot of fun. They showed us around in the fire station which included the kitchen, classrooms, offices, and of course the pole. Then it was off to the garage where we saw the clothes they wore and the many different fire trucks. The kids were just in awe. After that we went to a Fire safety house next door to the station. It was really cool. It had a little kitchen and he talked about the dangers in the kitchen. It is always nice to have someone else reiterate what you are trying to teach your kids. He also taught them Stop, Drop and Roll! Then it was off to the fireplace to discuss the do's and don'ts. Then we made our way upstairs to the bathroom. He talked about curling irons and other potential dangers. It was cute to hear the kids say, "My Mom uses one of those." "My Mom uses a blow dryer." "Ya well my Mom uses a flat iren." Then we went to a bedroom and talked about having an esacape plan and how you get out of a room full of smoke. The walls had cute murals painted on them to help the kids understand. So cute! Last but defienitly the highlight was actually practicing what they learned. We went to a bedroom downstairs for review. After the review, he told the kids to pretend they are sleeping. He pushed a button and the room really filled with smoke and a fire alarm went off! It was really cool. The kids did a good job remembering what they had been taught, even though some had semi scared look on their face they crawled on the floor to the door and checked it. It was hot so they knew to go out the window. They loved jumping out on to the big red mat. The day ended with stickers and of course a trip to Mcdee's. All in all a great trip, one I really hope Dawson learned from. A big shout out to our local Firemen and Nat for the pics!

We have a new pet

So almost 2 weeks ago, Bryan told me he had a surprise for me, we had a pet. My first thought was a animal some how managed to get in our window wells(we have iron grates over them so the kids can't fall in them). He said well not exactly, so I went downstairs to find this!
Yup a huge TARANTULA! I know they are for the most part harm less but they are creepy looking and big. Although I must say Sara, a Tarantula is not as cool looking as the spiders you have in Florida, I told Bryan we need to take a picture, he said " I already did and I took a video so you could blog it." How cute is he! So he keeps asking me how come I have not blogged it yet, so this one is for you babe!

P.S. Got a love the garbage in the window well.