Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dawson meet the.......BEES!

Tonight we had a BBQ with the family for MaryAnn's birthday. We had a really good time enjoying the food, family, the kids playing nicely together and especially the cool evening air UNTIL we heard a commotion on the grass. Next we see Uncle Paul carrying Dawson toward us with a blood curdling scream and the kids all yelling "HE GOT STUNG BY A BEE!" Yes it was Dawson's first bee sting. Luckily he only got stung once because he picked up part of the hive and some of it broke off. Apparently he had about 10 bees on him at once and Paul just knocked the hive out of his hands but not before 1 bee got to him. Dawson handled it like a champ. MaryAnn had a home remedy that I had never heard of. She had Aunt Karen mix a little meat tenderizer with water. She put it right on the site and it took away the sting literally within seconds, and of course Dawson was off and running within seconds as well. Nothing slows him down for long not even a little bee sting. A big THANX! to MaryAnn and Aunt Karen!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pool Fun

On Friday we took the kids to the Washington pool. We went there with our good friends Mike and Mandy and their kids who were visiting from SLC. It is the coolest pool ever. The kids had a blast.Of course we topped of the day with a trip to In-N-Out burger! What a great day!

Ky just plum tuckered out!

Addy and Cameron-boy are they posing for the camera

Dawson and his favorite slide

Makell, Addy and Cameron

Kyler and Max

The gang ready to go!

Friday, July 11, 2008

We are an AGGIE family!

I laugh when I read the comments about the kids in the BYU hoodies. I almost made a comment about that but figured I would not try to rustle any feathers-his that is-. However it is true Bry is not a BYU fan.
(In mid posting, Bryan is taking over the remainder of this post)
Since all of you "bloggers" are having a field day with the fact that my children were sporting BYU hoodies, I want to make very clear that my disdain for the Y does not lie with the educational institution or its church affiliation. I will admit, however, that when it comes to athletic sports, I absolutely LOATHE any and all mention of those 3 letters (It also applies to the U as well). That comes from both personal experience playing soccer against them and the numerous games I have attended of my beloved Utah State AGGIES vs. the Y. This will remain an AGGIE household...Utah State, hey, Aggies all the way, go Aggies go Aggies, hey, hey, hey!
(Melissa again) Now I will finish what I started. Those hoodies were given to my kids as a gift from BRYAN'S parents for Christmas. The only reason they were allowed in our Aggie house was because they are signed by BYU player and real good family friend Dennis Pita #32. Who Bry can't deny is a phenomenal player and guy! He even said we shouldn't let the kids wear them because they will be worth something someday. Maybe he just said that so I would not let my kids wear them! HA HA HA!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Fun

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER!!! Saturday the 5th we went to Emily's softball game. We stopped and got us all a snowie before the game. It was so fun to sit and watch the game eating a yummy treat. It doesn't get more American than this! I love the long days, the fun in the water-not the swim suit part. I love the smell of BBQ's and all the food we eat at them. Baseball games. I love the pedicures and of course FLIP FLOPS! I love eating all the summer treats, ice cream cones, otter pops and snowies. I love just hanging out on our back patio in the evenings watching the kids ride bikes or driving their hummer car. I love drinking lemonade and taking the kids to the park. I love having our windows rolled down in the car especially when there is a song on the radio we can turn way up and rock out to, my kids love that. I just love the summer!


We had a really low key 4th of July,which is exactly what we needed. We had a lot of fun. We started off with the parade. Ky even slept through all the noise and waterguns. After we headed to the park for the celebration and the kids each jumped on the jumpy things. That night we had a BBQ at our house with all the family. After we ate more that we possibly should have-at least I did-we ventured over to Canyon view to watch the fireworks. I love Fireworks! The kids enjoyed them but I wonder if they enjoyed rolling down the hill more. Here are some pics .


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catching up

I have so much to blog it is just finding the time to do it. Well today all 3 of my kids were napping at the exact same time. YEAH!!!! So I blogged. Check out my 3 new posts.

Happy Birthday Bryan!

Yes, Bryan turned 31 on Sunday June 29th. He is officially in his 30's. He did not want a big tado on his birthday. However I felt he needed to be welcomed into his 30's with a celebration. So we compromised and had a BBQ with friends and neighbors. It was a lot of fun. Bryan insisted no cake, balloons or singing. I complied. Taylors Birthday is June 30th so I made a cake for both of them. We had the family over for cake and ice cream and yes we sang to them!
I do want to take a minute and just say I am the luckiest woman to have him in my life. As cheesy as it sounds, it is true, he is the love of my life!!!! He is a wonderful friend, husband and of course Daddy! He will do whatever he can to make us happy and he does make us happy. I can't imagine my life without him and hope I never have to. Love ya Babe.

Change of Heart!

Last Friday we were getting ready to go out to lunch with the family and we asked the kids to get in the car. Addy came back in and ran to her room. We thought nothing of it as she walked back out and headed for the car. While me and Bry were putting Ky in his car seat Addy came in and said, "Mom and Dad I am sorry I stole money from the car. I was like Alma the younger I had a hard heart like him and I remember that he had a change of heart. His heart was softened and he did what was right, so my heart is soft now. I am sorry I took the money." Trying to keep a serious face,we asked her how much she took and she said it was a dime and lots of pennies. She said she put the money in her room. She decided she should give it back. She came back a minute later and said,"Mom here is a dime and I am not sure how many pennies so I got a lot and I threw in an extra dime." How cute is that! It appears she does listen at times. I just love her.