Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend of Birthdays!

So my birthday, and one of my best friends here in Cedar, birthdays are the 2oth and 21st of March. We kicked off our birthday celebrations by having a surprise party for Natalie, ya know to welcome her into her 30's! It was a blast! See Nat 30 isn't so bad and you really don't have to wear those granny panties, wear what I got ya instead!!!!

Saturday I started off the day by getting a well deserved Pedi with my(soon to be sis) Jenny! Then we, meaning Bry, his parents and I, headed down to St. George for a some Texas Roadhouse! It was great as usual. I even got the added bonus of sitting on the saddle.
After dinner we went and did a little shopping. The birthday fairy must have told my hubby exactly what I wanted- as if dropping my hints weren't enough! Finally I got a new digital camera. Happy day!
Sunday I got breakfast in bed, which is a tradition at our house! The funnest part is seeing my kids so excited to to it, regardless who's birthday it is! After, well more like during breakfast, was present time! I love it when my kids are so excited and thoughtful about getting gifts for others. It is fun to watch their excitement.

Showing off my loot......

Then that afternoon Bry made dinner for the fam, which included Bubba, Heather, and his parents. It was so good but to be honest it was much better not to have had to cook it! Then for the highlight.......Bryan with the help of Addy, made me a cake!!! I know big deal right, well it is a big deal to me because it is the first time he has ever done that! He hates when I say that, but the truth is that my birthday often falls on spring break and we are rarely home. Last year he took me to Vegas for the weekend, the year before we were in Texas, the year before that he took me to see Phantom of the Opera.... so ya see! I am not dogging him, I am praising him! I think it was so sweet and awesome that he made me my favorite cake! I love him to pieces(with or without the cake!)He was not thrilled to get his picture taken if ya can't tell.

Oh and believe me, it was one yummy cake! I am gonna request he make that more often!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cereal anyone?

Gee Ky, hungry for some cereal! This was Ky's attempt at getting his own cereal!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish- and the Cook!

My kids, like most I'm sure, LOVE holidays with no exception. Growing up, St. Patrick's Day was definitely a celebrated holiday. My Dad served his Mission in Ireland and so there were traditions! My Dad spoke in an Irish voice all day-no joke. He wore a very green tie along with a pin of varying sayings about being Irish. My mom made corn beef and cabbage among other authentic Irish foods. It was great! My kids aren't ready for the "real" Irish deal yet, heck they were less than thrilled with last year's green Shepard's pie! So being St. Patrick's Day today I mixed it up with a new mean green menu.
For breakfast- green eggs and ham for Addy. Dawson and Ky chose Lucky Charms with none other than green milk. Dawson being the growing boy and all had both green eggs, ham and Lucky Charms!- Sorry no pics, mornings at the Wood house are nothing short of sheer madness!

Lunch- Shamrock cheese sandwiches and chips!

My friend Nat is so amazing! She gave these little St. Patty Day treats to my kids! How cute is she! Thanks Nat for the pot at the end of the rainbow!
Dinner-Cheese Shamrock biscuit burgers with green jello and sprite with green koolaid ice cubes.
My attempt at dying the dough green failed so this is what we got! Oh well, still a hit!
Dessert- Not sure what to call it except YUMMY!
As you can see it was a hit too!Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. May the Luck of the Irish be with you all year!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Boy Bed Ready or Not!

So Ky has officially been crawling out of his crib this week! Not sure I was really ready for this stage, especially when he is getting out of bed at 5:40m in the morning, yet here we are! Time just flies. I was worried about my little evil kenevil so I had Bry just take the crib railing off so as to lessen the possibility of injury. He is my youngest to be in a big bed,well technically his crib with the railing off, so I just didn't see this coming! Addy and Dawson were both 2 or a little older, so I thought I had more time. NOPE! Ky loves his new freedom(whether I do or not) and his new Big Boy Bed! Although funny thing is if you ask Ky if he is my big boy or baby, he replies....BABY! Oh how I wish that were still the case!
Gotta love his smile!
So here is to new milestones, less sleep, bed time drama and tears for both parties involved!!!

Swedish Package

Addy got a birthday package from Aunt Nanny in Sweden! She was so excited! Nanny sent her the best treats. I love chocolate from really anywhere, however chocolate from Europe is exceptional! I remember my sister lived in Belgium before she served her mission their and she would send us chocolate and it is heavenly! The chocolate Nanny sent was no exception-YUMMY! Thanx Nanny your the best and thanx Addy for sharing!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love To See The Temple

Here is Addy's Baptism announcement. They turned out perfect! Thanx Abbey you are truly the best! Check out her website if your needing any kind of pictures- Oh and thanx Christy for the idea of taking them at the Temple! I have the best friends:)
Here are some of my Favorite pics Abbey took that day of Addison ........I love the reflection of the Temple in this one!

And I think she is DONE!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Addy's Baptism

Addy got baptized On Saturday the 6th. It was a fantastic weekend. Most of my side of the fam showed up on Friday. We had a much needed Girls Night Out! Saturday was Addy's big day. We had all our family here! We felt so loved and know that Addy felt it as well. It meant so much that our family took the time to come. It's not often the family all gets together down south, due to the fact that the majority live up north, so it makes it even that more special that they all came. We love our family and are so blessed to have them in our lives!!

Addy and her Daddy!

Nana and Papa

Grandma and Grandpa Wood

Grandma and Grandpa Morris

Addy and her BFF Brooklynn
Addy, Hailey and Hannah-best cousins!

I love this picture....
Addy and Holly, she adores her little cousins! We missed ya Eliza and Jules!

Addy with me and all my Sisters!

Addy and Grandma Donna

Addy was baptized by her Dad! Her witnesses were her Grandpas. How lucky and grateful I feel that Bryan is a worthy Priesthood holder. My heart was so full of emotions at that moment. I was so happy and proud of both of them. I was overcome with the spirit, grateful and felt just plain blessed! Addy was also confirmed that same night by her Dad. She had her Grandpa's, Grandpa Morris, Uncle Jon, Uncle Bubba, Bry's Uncles Robert and Bruce, Thayne and of course Jon all stand in the circle. It was a beautiful blessing.
I have a hard time finding the words to truly express how I feel. I am so proud of Addy and her decision to get baptized. I feel so fortunate to have the gospel in my life. I know that Addy is on a great path and I am so excited to watch her grow, and feel lucky to be apart of it!