Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Full of Fall Fun!

This past weekend was packed with fun for all. Friday was the Halloween Carnival at Addy's school. We had a blast getting all dressed up and playing games. The kids all looked so cute!

Brooklynn a.k.a. Hannah Montana, Addy a.k.a. High School Musical Cheerleader, Dawson a black Power Ranger who glows in the dark-that is very important to mention!

Addy and her friend Malia.

The kids got to play all sorts of games and jump on a big bouncy thinger. The part I enjoyed the most was when Addy and Dawson did the donut eating on a string! I laughed so hard. It was so funny!
Addy cheering Dawson on!

Where did it go?
Go get it girl!
Way to be creative!

That's right get it any way ya can buddy!

After the carnival we headed to the football game- Canyon View vs Cedar High. Nothing like a good ol' fashion home town rival. The weather was perfect not to cold, but cold enough to feel like fall. The kids had a blast and even Ky liked to watch. He was not about to sit in his car seat and miss a thing. Here is a snap shot of Addy and Dawson with Grandpa!

Saturday was a Mommy Daughter day. I took Addy to see HSM3, for all of you who don't speak young girl, that is High School Musical 3. It was so fun to be with just her. We really enjoyed it and laughed a lot. I know I needed that. It was such cute show, and the music very catchy. I am sure you'll find me with those tunes stuck in my head!

Saturday afternoon I had a much needed girls day. I left all the kids with Bryan and off I went. Thanx hunny. We headed straight for the OG-Olive Garden if you don't speak Mom. I laughed so hard and actually ate when my food came. I wished I could say it was nice and quiet, but I am afraid we were not the most soft spoken people in there. It was nice to just be with the girls and have a little break. Thanx Trisha, Julie and Nat for a great day. You are great friends!

Sunday was just a great day. The kids behaved in church! That in and of itself makes for a great day. To top it off one of our friends invited us over for dinner, so I didn't even have to cook! YEA!! A good weekend was had by all and I really enjoyed it, well the memory of it, because unfortunately not every weekend is like that.


Nat Lud said...

The kids sure looked cute! I love the carnival. So fun.