Friday, April 17, 2009


The most exciting part of our trip was going to the Marine base-MCRD San Diego. Thursday morning we got up and headed over there for family day. First we had a speaker and then waited to see all the recruits do a 4 mile motivational run.

The kids awaiting to see Tay Tay for the first time!Of course the mascot, The Marine Bulldog was there to cheer on the recruits for the 4 mile runTaylor before the run-on the left- Taylor after the run-on the right

It was our first time seeing Tay in 3 months. He looked so good and yet a little different. After that we headed to the auditorium to watch a movie about what really goes on at boot camp. Very glad people are willing to fight for our freedom. We are really blessed. You can't help but walk out of that movie feeling humble and extremely proud to be an American! The we were led to some bleachers where the recruits came out now changed and looking good.

We then got to spend the rest of the day, well until 6:00, with Tay. First we went to a lunch that the local LDS ward for the recruits put on. It was wonderful with a cake cutting ceremony and all.

The LDS recruits at the luncheon We then met Taylor's platoon leaders. We spent the rest of the day walking through the museum, which my kids loved! Just one of the pics at the museum. It was really cool.

We shopped a little and just asked Tay a million questions. 6:00 came way to fast. We said goodbye to Tay and headed back to the hotel. We ordered pizza and went to bed.
The next morning was an early one. We special ordered these shirts for the kids-SO CUTE!

We got to the base at 7:30 am to see the flag rising ceremony and to hear the General speak, who is a woman! Then off to the graduation.

The graduation was really neat. After it was over Tay was free. He is now an official United States Marine! We are so proud of Taylor! SEMPER FI