Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Driveway "Snowboarding"

We woke up this morning to more snow which was still lightly falling. After Addy was off to school me and the boys got all bundled up. I was on snow removal duty and the boys were once again my entertainment!! We spent well over an hour out there. Ky hasn't really been a big snow fan this year but he was today. They were hilarious! Dawson kept wanting me to hit him with the snow and then he tried to start a snowball fight, he lost that one. They were racing in the snow and falling and laughing. I loved it! My fav was them running and as Dawson called it "snowboarding" down our driveway and our neighbors. (good thing we have such great neighbors-thanx Jon and Shannon) Ky was so funny he would run and sled down on his belly. Wished I got that one on camera. Here they are in all their "snowboarding" glory......

I love the giggling you can hear in the background! So cute!!!


Jamie said...

Boys sure are fun! Yours are a couple of the cutest!!!