Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whatever Day

About a week or so before school got out I came up with this somewhat crazy idea. Ya I know not really anything new but this one I thought had potential. So I brought it up with my kids. Lo and behold they thought it was just as ingenious as I did. Here was the plan..........
One of the first days of summer we would have a deep cleaning day. Sounds fun right? On this day we would do nothing but deep clean and I mean deep clean everything! There would be no playing that day with friends or playing Wii or playing anything, get my drift. Wondering why my kids were on board, well I told them that if we did a full day of cleaning the next day would be a WHATEVER DAY! They loved that idea. Dawson asked, "can I have cake for breakfast?" To which I replied, "Whatever." They asked what if I want to stay in my jammies all day? "Whatever" What if I want a doughnut for lunch? "Whatever" Can I have friends over, "Whatever" They were thrilled with the idea. Frankly I was thrilled they were thrilled! So when we got back from Vegas I gave them the option as to what day they wanted to have the cleaning day. They all unanimously chose the next day-Friday! OK so now lets see how it really goes down!
It was amazing!!! Seriously I really thought I would have some opposition as the day went on, NOPE! We deep cleaned every room in our house. We took 4 big garbage bags to DI and had 1 bag of garbage. We went through all the closets, playroom and cleaned and vacuumed every room. We cleaned and mopped all the bathrooms and floors, dusted all the shutters and dusted all the wood in the house. The kids wiped down every light switch and door handle. We cleaned the back yard and took all the boxes and newspapers in the garage to recycle and cleaned and vacuumed out the cars. Addy cleaned the french door windows, we cleaned the kitchen, made sure all the laundry was done and all of this with literally no complaining! I was dying! It was fabulous!!! I honestly can't believe it worked! Man am I a genius!!!!
Next day-WHATEVER DAY! It was great. I was worried the kids would take advantage but they were just excited to have a whatever day. They kept telling their friends, "this is my whatever day." They had doughnuts for breakfast and then lunch, but then they asked to have a hot dog for lunch as well. Which made me happy! It was so fun to see them so thrilled to have a whatever day. I think I may just have to do this more often!!!