Thursday, July 8, 2010

Becky's Mom

The only good thing about my quick trip to Logan is that I was able to see my friends and be there to support Beck through a very difficult time. Becky lost her Mom on June 16th after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. I made arrangements and headed up to Logan. I was so glad I could be there. It has been hard for me to be so far away during such a hard time in her life. I wished so often I could just be there to hug her and help her. Becky was there for me during rough times in my life as well, she is a true friend and it was so hard to feel like I was being a good friend when I was so far away! I admire her in so many ways! Becky spoke at the funeral and did and amazing job! I know the tough times are still ahead and I hope I can be there to help her through them just like she has always done for me! Love ya Beck!!!!
Mandy, Natalie, Me, Megan and Heidi all carpooled to the funeral together.

That night we all got together, except Nat she had to head home. Jill, Heidi, Anjie, Becky, Mandy, Meg and Me. We all wanted to get Beck a little something to tell her we love her.It was great to be able to be there and see all my bestest friends. We have been all over the Nation, Connecticut, Oregon, Indiana, Cedar, St. George and Logan and yet we remain close.It is so nice to have such strong true friends that love each other and support one another through whatever life throws our way! I am so lucky!!! I love you all!


Jamie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Becky's mom. It's really sweet to see all you girls rally around her. There is nothing like best (old) friends!
It's good to see so many familiar (and beautiful) faces. I've wondered about them over the years. Everyone looks really happy. Next chance you get tell them I say hello.