Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spiritual Driving Lesson

So tonight as we went to pick up Addy from dance I took both the boys and Nanny with me. The boys wanted to listen to particular songs during the ride, Jesus take the wheel being one of them. We got there a little early and while waiting in the car the following conversation took place........
Dawson- "Mom Jesus did a not so nice thing in that song"
Me-" What" (slightly confused)
Dawson- "Jesus did something that was not nice in that song"
Me- "What do you mean?"
Dawson-"Well Jesus just took the wheel from her and he didn't even ask"
Me-(smiling and slightly chuckling)"Dawson he wasn't being mean, she was saying to him- Jesus take my wheel. Daws what does a steering wheel do?"
Dawson- " It turns the car right or left"
Me-"Ya.It helps you to turn so you can stay on the road. She was asking Jesus to take her wheel and help her get back on the road. She felt like she had made some bad choices or turns and needed help getting back on the road or the right path. Who do you think is the best driver ever?"
Me- "That's right! So that is why she is asking him to take her wheel and help her get back on the right road. Do you think he will help her?"
Me- "Do you think he will help you if you need help when you make a bad choice or a wrong turn?"
Me- "Your right of course he will. He loves us so much he wants to help us we just have to ask. Just like she did in the song!"

It ended up being quite a touching moment. I love this kid and am so grateful for his sweet simple yet strong testimony! It strengthens mine daily! Love ya Dawson