Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday night Lights!

Today was a great day!!! We hung out in the morning and then we all met at Jen's and headed to the roadhouse. The roadhouse is a homeless shelter in Salt Lake. For Christmas we decided as siblings instead of exchanging gifts we would donate to the roadhouse. It was fun to go shopping with the kids and have them pick out clothes and necessities that we often take for granted everyday. It was a touching and a humbling experience to drop it off. I hope it meant something to my kids. We are all so blessed and I am grateful for all that I have in my life.
After the roadhouse we headed down town! We rode trax to down town, a must for the kiddos!!
Here they are all bundled anxiously awaiting the train!

Enjoying the ride!
Our first stop was the Grand America Hotel. They have a fun activity for the kids and when completed you get a free cookie! The hotel was decorated so beautiful, as you can see

Nanna and her Grandkids, minus Steven! What a good lookin bunch!
Then it was off to Temple square. So amazingly beautiful! Doesn't matter how many times you go and see the lights, it still gives you and awe inspiring feeling!

All the Ladies!
On the ride home- Dawson found a way to entertain himself! Too funny
This is one of my favorite pics! I love it. Holly looks like a real pro riding the trax!! Plus Addy is chowing her free cookie!
After the lights it was time for just us grown ups to go out! We dropped off the boys at Craig and Wendy's and the girls at Jen's house and off we went! It was great to be there all us siblings, minus Tisha, and our cousins. It has been sooooo long since we have all hung out! When we got to Craig's to pick up the boys this is what we found...........

The boys crashed!!!
Thanks guys for such a fun night! Love you all