Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clorox Clean!

Can I just say how much I love my boys! Truly I do, they make me laugh constantly. They are silly and crazy. I love it! But often times I wonder WHAT GOES THROUGH THEIR LITTLE MINDS! This mornings events totally explain this.  So before I left to take Addy to school I told the boys I wanted them dressed and their beds made by the time I get back. Both happily agreed! Upon my return I find Dawson dressed and Ky still in his PJ's. I asked why Ky was not dressed to which Dawson replied, "Oh he just got done going poop." To which I said, "OK, so why isn't he dressed?" "Well I had to wipe him but we were out of toilet paper and he was scared to go get more." As Dawson is talking I'm thinking to myself, if he was going to the bathroom how could he go get toilet paper. So I asked that very question. Dawson responded, "well I had to go too". So then I asked the dreaded question, "So what did you guys use?' Dawson calmly and almost proud of his quick decision said, "we had to use a clorox wipe."  UM WHAT?!?!  I was not sure how to respond! Was he really serious? You bet he was, 100% serious!!! As this is sinking in part of me wants to burst out laughing! The other part is so grossed out!!! So after I educated them on the fact that using Clorox wipes is not ok. I gave them a list of reasons why and Dawson chimes in saying, "Yeah it kinda made me itch!"  YA THINK!


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