Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grumpy face

I love having a new baby in our home! However all I want to do is hold him all day. He is such a good baby and so adorable I must say. Addy and Dawson say he is cute but they tell everyone he has a "grumpy face". Addy even asked me today if she had grumpy face like that when she was a baby. We love our little guy grumpy face and all!

Somewhat grumpy face . Not so grumpy face.

Big Sister and Big Brother proudly displayed on shirts courtesy of Grandma.

Ahh Brotherly love!!!


M & M Brenchley family said...

He is so sweet and adorable! I just want to kiss those cheeks! It looks like Dawson and Addy are doing great with the new baby! Hope you are doing well- I've been thinking about you! Love ya.

mccall... said...

I love the photo of him and Dawson!

Nat Lud said...

He looks adorable awake! I haven't seem him that way yet. He is so sweet. And I loved the kids 'big' shirts. It was great to visit today at McD's!

Thayne and Kailee said...

Cutest little guy! We can't wait to meet him this weekend.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your new little one Melissa! He is adorable...just like his two older siblings!! :) We are so happy for your family. Greg and I have a blog also...knightfamilynews-gml.blogspot.com
feel free to check it out if you get the chance...this is such a great way to keep in contact!

....Greg says hi too! :)

Mortimer Family said...

Congratulations Melissa. He's beautiful! I bet Dawson loves being a big brother...I'm so happy that everything went well. I love the name by the way. :) It's good to know we have a way to keep in touch now and share photos. We miss you. Good luck with #3. I know you have probably already noticed a difference. Love U