Sunday, June 22, 2008

Am I the only one who needs reminders?

I love my kids dearly, however sometimes I need to be reminded to focus on the positive. So tonight I am focusing on the funny things they have said and done today instead of the fact that my sons behavior was not funny but down right irritating and lets just say he found himself in bed very early tonight!
Dawson, who is 100% all boy, decided that his talent in the primary talent show (is not singing like I thought it would be because he is always singing ) is "boy ballet and NO GIRLS"! He even practiced a little routine for us until he got hurt doing some maneuver. While at church we got to primary early and he ran (of course he ran he does not know how to walk) up to the pulpit and was bearing his testimony. It was actually very cute. After church he and his dad were playing soccer. He went for the ball and missed and fell to the ground and when he got up he said "That is how I flop Dad." Bryan was so proud! I need to remember these things and not the temper tantrums and aggressive behavior our little sweet boy displays at times!


LuDLoW LiFe said...

Cute blog background!!!! WOW, lots of updates, you guys have been busy! Looks like you have had tons of fun already this summer.

By the way, thank you for that swim lesson phone number. I got her in, so that should be fun.

Have fun at "The View" I will be looking for you guys!

Nat Lud said...

I love Dawson! And you are always such a good mom to look for the positives! I always complain and feel sorry for myself! You're awesome.