Friday, June 27, 2008

Take a little time to enjoy WHAT VIEW!

So awhile ago I heard that the TV show The View was going to be in Las Vegas. I thought that it would be fun to go to a taping. I got online requested tickets for me and my friend Natalie. 2 weeks ago I got the tickets in the mail. I was so excited and I emailed our confirmation. Me and Nat made all the arrangements for our little chitlins and off we went to Vegas on Monday night.

We ate at P.F Changs. YUMO.
Nat had never been so we broke her in. We shopped and went to the condo to get our beauty sleep for our TV taping debut! We got there 2 1/2 hours early and stood in line. It was blazing hot already. While in line the highlight of our trip came-Yes it was the only highlight. We got our picture taken with David Cook!

He was so nice and just down right real. It was so cool. We also got pictures of the co-hosts as they walked out. Seeing them just got us more excited. Every good thing has to come to an end right? Literally 7 people before us they cut off the line to get in! We were so shocked. We had tickets in hand and did not get in. They had over booked by 25%. CRAZY!

We were bummed out. Its was definitely a let down, but nothing a little retail therapy, and a good In N out burger couldn't take care of. All in all I had a great time, I have a great friend, great food, and a real mall, who could really ask for anything more. With all that who needs the View!!
Thanx Nanny for watching my kids you are the best!!


mccall... said...

I am SO JEALOUS! I love... david cook, the view, las vegas etc. I'm glad you had fun.

takemetohawaii said...

Sheesh! That's awful that you guys didn't get in! Very cool to get your pic with David Cook, though. I really like him. Looks like a fun trip anyway!

Nat Lud said...

Lovin' the post! It was a bummer--but still a great time!

Camille said...

Love the picture with David!! You are so so lucky. What a fun time even though you didn't get in!

Jessica said...

I am so jealous that you can eat at in&out whenever you want

Michelle said...

I can't believe you got your picture taken with David Cook! I'm super jealous! I love that kid!