Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Addy's soccer delema

Last night was Addison's last soccer game of the season. This has been her second year playing, and she has enjoyed it from time to time. I asked her if she wanted to play next year and at first she said "No, I don't really think so." O.K. by me I said. I asked her why she did not like it. "Well I like the games but I don't like practicing. Sometimes it is boring having to always keep my eye on the ball." After the game last night she said she was just kidding and really wanted to play next year. Who knows with that girl. She changes her mind frequently. I have posted some pics of last year and this year just in case she decides she is through with the soccer thing. I don't really care either way although she does look cute in her soccer get up!

Last year as a Dragonfly! She was so haapy to be #4. Why I am not sure.Addy this year as a Wildcat. Addy and her good friend Lydia.
Addy and her teammate and good friend Sage, who was on her team last year as well.
Addy was so happy and lucky that Fefe got to see her play. Here she is with Fefe and Nanny! A rare shot-Addy in action! That is not always a typical picture of Addy. She can often be seen doing cartwheels, dancing or playing with another teammate.


Nat Lud said...

She sure does look cute! I hear ya on the mind changing. It's the one thing that's constant!