Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One FUNNY son of a gun!

Last night we were having family home evening with our fam and Aunt Fefe, Eliza and Aunt Nanny. We were talking about the 13 articles of faith. Dawson was as usual walking around somewhat playing and somewhat listening-more playing than listening. I have had to learn to just let him wander as to keep peace and harmony in our home and make FHE a pleasent experience for all involved. I was reviewing what we had talked about with Dawson to see if anything stuck, this is what went down.
Dawson tell me who wrote the articles of faith.
Um Jesus.
Um Heavenly Father.
Oh Richard did. (Richard is his Uncle)
We laughed so hard. Eventually we were able to establish who really wrote the articles of faith.

Next was bath time, he was getting out and of course trying some new manuever to get out of the tub instead of just getting out like a normal person would, he just had to add a splash of Dawson flare. Well in the process he fell hit his mouth on the edge of the tub. He got up a bit stunned, I went straight for the mouth to check out the damage. To my surprise, I found nothing. His upper lip was a little red, thats it. I know he is so lucky! I told him" Dawson you are one lucky son of a gun." He looked at me and said, "what does that mean mom?" I said laughing "Oh it is just a silly term." Then he said, " I am a silly term!" Then again I laughed so hard. Life with Dawson is never boring, dull or without entertainment!


Richard & Stephanie said...

I'm glad Dawson thinks so highly of me! :)

LuDLoW LiFe said...

Dawson is such a hoot!

My mom would write silly things we said down in a book, and we love to read them now. I keep telling myself I need to do that, because kids are hilarious.

Taryn Reaves said...

Dawson is such crack up! I love listening to some of the coversations he has on the way to school.

Kelly said...

That is so funny. Cole told me that Dawson is the funniest kid in his preschool! What a cutie.

Tina said...

That made my day! It put a bright smile on my face. I could just hear him saying that and it made me laugh hard! You are a lucky mom to have him in your life. He truly is the cutest little "son of a gun"!

Hill Family said...

So cute!! Glad to hear you were back at Bunko we missed you!! See ya next time.

Camille said...

I love that Dawson! It has been fun to have him in carpool! I LOVE the uncle Richard story!!

Nat Lud said...

Dawson is hilarious! I love his little Dawsonisms. Makes me laugh every time!

Mortimer Family said...

Melissa...I am laughing so hard right now! That totally made my night. We miss that little son-of-a-gun!