Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am finally posting my Halloween pics. We had a lot of family fun. We decided to go to the pumpkin patch on the 30th-the day before Halloween. I know we waited to long, mental note to self never wait that long again. Not to be rude or take away from the spirit of Halloween but the patch SUCKED! The pumpkins were mushy and some were rotting. The good news is- yes there is always a silver lining, the kids still had a blast running around trying to find a non mushy, moldy pumpkin! So lets just say the pics from the pumpkin patch, not my fav.
That night we did have a really good time carving them. I was a little surprised, especially at Dawson, that they were grossed out by cleaning out the pumpkin. Whatever. I must admit, finding the silver lining again, that because the pumpkins were on the softer side, it made for much easier carving! The finished products were excellent if I do say so myself!
On Halloween we went trick or treating and had a wonderfully warm and fun evening! For dinner I made a Halloween feast made up of coffin sandwiches, tree bread sticks, Halloween shaped grape jello jigglers, and spider noodles. The kids thought it was great.! It's all about the kids right?

The kids looked so cute and had a great time. Aunt Nanny and Steve took the kids trick or treating for a while, I think the kids wore them out. It was a great Halloween and I can't wait until next year!


Nat Lud said...

You are such a fun mom! That Halloween dinner looks so fun and yummy! And the pumpkins look pretty darn professional. Thanks again for watching Brooklynn. Sorry she was a bit o' a lump!

LuDLoW LiFe said...

You are so creative! The kids looked adorable and I'm sure had a great time.

Jessica said...

I wish I would have eaten Halloween dinner at your house. What lucky kids to have such a cool mom.

The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

What an awesome mom and hot looking witch :) Sounds like Halloween was lots of fun at the Woods' house. The dinner looks fabulous. I'm going to have to get more ambitious!

Camille said...

It has been forever I guess since I check blogs! I love the costumes! And I really love the Halloween food!!! You are an AWESOME mom!