Friday, December 12, 2008


Let me start off by saying how much I love my little Addy, however she may just have pulled a quick one on me today. I don't view myself as easily suckered, but I think I was today-or was I, you be the judge.
So this morning started out as any other morning. Addy did tell me her tummy hurt. Addy complains about her tummy hurting at least 2 times a week. After she either eats or goes to the bathroom, she is fine. She has never wanted to stay home from school before and this morning was really no different except she kept complaining, even after she went to the potty and had 3 (yes 3) bowls of cereal. While I was doing her hair I asked if she wanted to stay home from school and she kind of hesitated and said "No, but my tummy still hurts". I informed her she could stay home but that she would not be able to play, she would have to rest. She quickly said she wanted to go to school. I told her if her tummy kept hurting to call me. 11:00 came the call and Bryan went to get her. When she got home she told me her tummy continued to hurt but got worse at daily 5-whatever that is. Mrs. Harris then sent her to the office. O.K. so I made her 2 pieces of toast which she ate with no hesitation. Then she went to her bed and either read or took about a 45 minute nap. When she came out she said she wanted a PB&J. I made her one and she downed that. I was getting Dawson ready for school when I came out and found Addy totally playing on the floor with Ky. Wow I said it looks like your feeling better. She smiled and kept right on playing. A minute later I pulled her aside to talk to her about her tummy and she said her tummy felt better now but it still hurt a little right at her belly button. The conversation continued like this.......
Me- Addy did your tummy really hurt this morning?
A- Yeah.
M-Did it hurt all day?
A-Well it felt a little better and then it started to get worse.
M-Did anything happen at school today?
M-Why did you want to come home, was it really because of your tummy?
A-Well yeah and we weren't really doing any fun Christmas project and I was kind of bored and tired of school.
I was not sure if I should laugh or be mad. I mean she played the part pretty well, she took a nap for heaven sake. I don't doubt that her tummy may have hurt but not bad enough to come home. So I finished our little conversation by laying the law down. I told her it was not OK to just come home like this unless she was REALLY sick. Then bless her sweet little heart she offered to go back to school, to which I firmly replied sorry chica, you already made your choice.
I wanted to laugh to because part of me was like, well I can't blame her for wanting to have a day off if she was bored. BUT COME ON SHE IS 6!!! I MEAN REALLY! What 6 year old gets bored of school already, especially with all the holiday projects and all. So what do you think? Was I bamboozled?


Jessica said...

She looks to sweet to bamboozle. It just gets worse as they get older. Buckle-up!

Family Neiman said...

You got had. Take it in stride though. Learning how to fake out your parents to watch movies at home, to escape a bully, or just get out of non-stimulating easy school work is a right of passage.

LuDLoW LiFe said...

She's hilarious. I love the stuff kids come up with. I think she played the part pretty well. I love that she said she would go back to school. So funny

Hill Family said...

Hey at least you can admit that our kids minipulate us. Maybe then we can stay one step a head or at least half a step!!!

Camille said...

Too cute! Looks like you will have to stay on your toes with her! Anybody with kids in going to. It is just part of the job!!

Mandy said...

My kids have tried to pull some fast ones on me too. Cameron came home "coughing" the other day. Within a half hour and a drink of water, he was ready for some computer games! Sounds like he and Addy are getting instructions from the same book. :)

The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

I just LOVE Addy! I say she wasn't bamboozling....just being a smart little 1st Grader :) I mean, if they weren't doing any fun Christmas project, then why bother going to school?! My kinda girl.