Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Move!

Today was a big move at our house. We moved Addy upstairs. That is right I caved. For those of you who don't know Addy has been begging to move upstairs and I told her she could when the basement was finished. Well that didn't happen. I finally had it when they were arguing because Dawson was cleaning the bathroom with her toothbrush. I was tired of the fighting over whose toothpaste was whose, even though Addy would put their names on them if they got the same kind, the yelling ,"I need my privacy", and of course who was going to shower when or in which order. I know kids fight and that is normal but as a Mom if I can find a way to have more peace and spread the love then I am going to do it!! Addy now has her own bathroom and a bedroom away from her brothers. She is now responsible for keeping the upstairs bathroom and her bedroom clean, which she says she is ready to do! So today we moved her into what used to be the play room and moved the play room temporarily in to her old room. It actually went really well. I was full on prepared for some kind of drama, but it never came. Dawson and Addy helped with the whole move with out one word of complaining. We even did a little spring cleaning and took about 4-5 bags of old toys and whatever to DI! Yeah! The old playroom is a blue color which Addy wanted to keep that way. Her old room was pink and she wanted a change. However Addy has been waffling back and forth as to whether or not to get new bedding. Her bedding does have some blue in it but she thinks she may want something different. I told her that maybe she should wait and see how everything looked in her new room and we could decide later. I think it looks great! I was actually worried. I love my Addy more than any thing, however, my parents would say it is sweet justice, Addison is a pack rat and a slob! We literally just threw away her Valentines from Kindergarten, they were special to her! Really! She actually was so happy to be moving upstairs she was trash happy! Yeah for me! The room itself is a little bigger but the closet space is smaller but it all worked out perfect.

Looking in from the door
Her bed, nightstand and a magnet board we need to hang up
I have Addy's old curtains that I will make new ones with along with a new cushion cover and when I say" I will" I mean I am finding someone who can do it!
The mirror that went on the dresser obviously cant fit but Addy doesn't seem to mind one bit!I still have some little things left to do like take down the playroom vinyl and we are going to install a ceiling fan. AHHH, I loved Addy's old room. It was so cute, pink on the bottom and white wanscoating on the top and she had vaulted ceilings. She had a big window in her room as well. I loved it but I guess she is growing up. I must admit I really do like the room upstairs for her as well. I like the A frame ceiling and her little window seat for reading. She now has a space all her own and it looks way cute with all her stuff in there! All in all it was relatively easy and it didn't take all day thanx to my awesome hubby! Addy hope you like your new room because their is no going back!!


Nat Lud said...

Wow! It's done! I was thinking she was going into the guest room but that makes way more sense. And that room is so fun so it will be fun for her. Glad it was pretty painless!

Becky said...

Cute room, Addy! You are so grown up its hard to believe!Wow Melissa-you are such a good mom! The fun of kids- worth every second!

Law Family said...

I loved her old room also, it was beautiful! But this room looks really fun, she will love it! She's such a cute little girl.

mccall... said...

Nice work! I think it looks cute. I love her independence and being willing to take care of the upstairs herself. I know someone who can do the curtains and bench, let me know if you want her number!