Monday, May 18, 2009

Programs and Recitals

Lately we have been busy with end of the year events, as are most of you I am sure. Dawson had his Preschool program/graduation. It was even better because he had the program while Taylor and Aunt Fefe were here. It was really great that the whole family came. They sang songs and they all got called up by name and got a certificate and a book they had made throughout the year. It was really cute. Dawson did a great job. For some reason my camera only recorded 2 seconds of him singing, but it did record him getting his little certificate and book.

Addy had her dance recital as well. She did fabulous! She did 2 dances, one to HSM3 "I want it all" and one to "It's a sunshine day". I think Addy has found her niche! She loves to dance!

It was so cute, Dawson was so proud of Addy! He ran up to her gave her the flower and just hugged her. He kept saying,"great job Addy". Really nice for a Mom to hear, especially since he teases her so much.
As much as I love going to all these event and as proud of my kiddos as I am, I am glad for them all to be over and done with. I am ready for some lazy summer days!!!!!


Nat Lud said...

Dawson definitely looks at home in the spotlight! Love that first pic. He is such a stud! And Addy looks so grown-up! We need to come watch her dance sometime. Glad it was a fun night for her.

Kelly said...

Seeing Addy in her dance costume really makes me wish I had a little girl! So cute.

Law Family said...

How cute they are! I bet Addy is a great dancer, you will have to video her and post it sometime. So now that Dawson has graduated from Preschool is he on to Kindergarten next year? They are growing up too fast!