Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We got home from Maui on Tuesday morning and headed out camping on Wednesday. We went with my sis and her family. The kids were so excited! Some of my fondest memories growing up were of going camping, so I wanted my kiddos to experience it as well. Ya'll know Bryan and I are well..... lets just say not the most frequent campers. We have the camping necessities and we do enjoy camping but it's not like we go a million times a year. Our most fav way of camping is heading to the family cabin with 4 wheelers, a shower, a kitchen and a BED!!!
However we decided to rough it and had a great time.

Boys asleep on the way there. Aren't they supposed to fall asleep on the way home!

Just chillin by the fireShow me your best smore face.............

The girlies having some hot cocoa before bed, yummo

However, our trip was cut short, AWWWWWW! I know...but continuing to camp when you have 2 kids barfing all night, IN and OUT of the tent, is no longer an option! So until next year, we bid farewell to the Wood camping season!!!!


Heather Coon said...

What are you talking about you guys are totally campers! :) Glad you had fun at least one day! The kids are all getting so big, can't wait to see them. (and you!)

Natalie said...

Fun pictures! Maybe it was all the smores and hot chocolate that made them sick:) That's my kind of camping!