Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Friends in Old Stompin' Grounds

This weekend we made a quick trek up to Logan, my old stomping grounds! I love going back there. I loved living there and will always have great memories of there! Friday Bry met up with some friends and surprise surprise, golfed! What else is a girl to do but shop! Man I miss actually shopping in Logan, everything(minus a Target) right at my fingertips! Ahhhhhh anyway. That night we headed off to a BBQ with most of my bestest friends in the whole wide world! I love these gals! We have been friends since High school and I am proud to say we have kept in touch and have been there for each other through all that life has tossed us. Believe me it has been a lot, I am talking dating, college, vacations together, marriages, divorces, dating after divorce, births, baby blessings, infertility, deaths of loved ones, cancer, moving away for school or jobs, so many highs and ya some lows as well but I don't think there is anything that we can't handle together. Nothing will break us up as friends! I have to say I am so very lucky and extremely blessed to have such a strong and wonderful group of friends. I know it sounds cliche, but I seriously don't know what I would do with out them in my life!!!! It was wonderful to see them especially since we have not had a girls weekend this past year like we try to do every year or so. I guess this will have to count. The BBQ was fun and all the kids had a blast especially on the rope swing over the river. Addy told me,"Mom it's just like on Bridge to Terabethia." He He He. All, well most all of the kids in the little club house. Anjies 2 oldest boys, Jackson and Jaden, were not there along with Alyssa,Becky's daughter. Once it was bedtime for the chitlins our nice hubbies took off with the kiddos and all us gals just stayed up chatting and laughing till 2:30 am. We are just not as young as we used to be. Oh well, nevertheless it was just like old times! I think at least one point in the night each one of us laughed so hard we said we were going to pee our pants! Yup just another sign we are not as young as we used to be!

Saturday we lazily got up and got ready and went to lunch with Heidi, Jeremy and Jaxon. It was obviously not to exciting for Dawson who fell asleep on the bench! That never happens, what is up with that boy!Then Bryan indulged me and we made a few, and I mean a few shopping stops before we met up at the Mortimers. Dawson was beyond excited to play with Hayden and Riley. It is always a good time at the Mortimers. Seriously I always laugh my butt off when we are together, mostly at Delon! So refreshing to have friends you can just laugh with and I cherish our friendship! Thanx Amiee and Delon.

Sunday we got up and headed to Mendon to visit Aunt Amber, which just so happened to be her Birthday! She would be the big 30 this year! The kids as well as I miss coming here more often. I think that has been really hard for me especially at certain times of the year to not be able to go and put flowers on or just visit, however it doesn't change the fact that I know she is with me wherever I live.

The kids decided to pick flowers and decorate Amber's grave. Addy said to me, "Mom the flowers represent our love. Each flower equals like 100 of our loves." So sweet! However I don't think there are enough flowers in the world to show that!After that we started toward home but not without stopping to see Grandma Ellen! We had to stop by and wish her a Happy 94th Birthday this week. Love ya Grandma!
We had a great weekend and I am so thankful for such wonderful friends who are a huge blessing in my life!!!


Nat Lud said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I am getting all teary eyed reading about your sister. So neat you got to be there on her birthday. Love ya girl.