Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday I went to work to cover the last couple of hours for another Nurse. Bryan's cousin Melissa watched the kids for me. I came home to a very timid Addy. She said to me, "Mom I need to tell you something". OK.
She precedes to tell me that she was playing around on the phone and yup she did it. She called 911, not once but twice. In her defense the second time was a complete accident, but that didn't stop the police from showing up at our door. Melissa said the police man was nice. I have no doubt that it probably scared the crap right out of her! I guess it is a good thing, I'm pretty sure she will never do that again!!!
I do have so say I am very surprised. Addy is a pretty responsible little gal, guess it comes with being the oldest. I never saw this coming, at least not from her that is. Not such a shocker from either of my other 2. Although hopefully Dawson has learned a lesson though Addy. Last night he said family prayer and he prayed that we would not play on the phone and call 911! He He He. Addy was not amused by the prayer! Not banking so much on that though, especially because Ky loves the phone.(as you saw in my previous post) so watch out Cedar Police we may possibly be come great friends in the future!


Galloways said...

Must be the week for calling 911. Karlie was playing with my dad's cell phone a few days ago and it apparantly has a pre-programmed 911 key and our sweet little Karlie called it! Just lovely. My poor mom had to give all her info. Guess they are tracking us now. lol

Heather Harper said...

So funny!, but not. haha. Miss ya!