Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spotlight on Addy

Today we got to celebrate Addy's birthday at school. Mrs. Berkey, Addison's teacher asks the kids to bring up to 10 things that help tell about them. Addy chose to bring-in no specific order:
-American girl doll(just 1 of them)
-Nintendo Ds
-cuttle kids cutter
-digital camera
-picture of Jesus
-piano books
-dance picture

I have to say it was heartwarming to hear her talk about the things that are important to her and help define who she is! I am so grateful for the little lady she is becoming!
The kids then got to ask her questions and she got to answer them! That was a hoot!
Best of all we got to bring treats! Addy chose to bring cupcakes.

Brooklynn, Addy, Halle, Maia, Tayah