Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowmobiling Fun!

Bryan's Uncle has a kids snowmobile and since the kids didn't have school today, we went snowmobiling! It was so fun! Of course Dawson thought it was the coolest! He kept yelling" Whoo hoo" and "are we going fast enough"! Addy was a natural. She went with me the first 2 times then was off on her own and really loved it. Ky, to my surprise , loved it as well. I thought that maybe he would go once and then be done-nope. He really liked it!
Guess Santa has a good idea for next year!

Oh and to the birthday fairy......please bring me a new camera for my birthday. One that doesn't go on the fritz like today. I have no pics of the days fun adventures because my camera decided to be hormonal!!! UGH!