Sunday, April 25, 2010

Field Trip

I had a moment of insanity and agreed to go on a field trip with Addy and all the 2nd graders. Not only was it an all day trip but we went to St. George in buses. We went to the Dinosaur park and then to Snow Canyon for a hike. It was actually a fun day! I enjoyed spending the day with Addy. It was also entertaining to be the the kids and hear their conversations and watch them interact! I just sat back and smiled trying hard at times to not laugh! Oh to be a kid again.

Addy and her buddies Mia, Tayah and Brooklynn

The gals in Addy's class on our hike in Snow Canyon

The boys in Addy's class
It really was a fun day but next time I am going on the field trip that includes watching a play!!!


Nat Lud said...

You are the coolest mom! How fun. And I'm loving the pics. I'll prob have to steal them . . . :)