Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dance Dance Dance

Addy had her first dance competition in St.George on the 27th of March. Her cousins Hannah and Hailey were also dancing, so we decided to make it a little girls weekend. Tina booked the hotel and off we went! Friday night started off with The Olive Garden, girls choice of course! Then we did a little shopping and back to the hotel for some pool time!

After pool time it was bath time
then bed time for a good night rest!Saturday started off early, breakfast, hair and make-up for 3 girls all before 7:30! Surprising enough we made it to Dixie High on time! The girls each did 2 dances. So fun to watch them all and especially have them watch each other and cheer for each other. I'm so glad that even though they were competing they were so supportive and happy for each other!

Addy and Hailey-best buds!!!!
Addy with her team-Mini company!
Addy in her lift during the Jazz dance! Which they took first in!!
The girls with Nana and Papa. Thanks for coming and supporting the girls! We love ya!
Addy and Hailey after their last dances!
Addy, Hannah and Hailey. They all did great!

Me and my sis, awaiting the results! Love ya TJ! I think we just found a new tradition!

Addy and her team celebrating at the awards ceremony! Addy took 1st in Jazz and 2nd in Lyrical! Hailey took 1st in Lyrical and 4th in Jazz. Hannah took 1st in Lyrical and Jazz! Great Job girls!


McKell Callister said...

That IS a fun weekend! It looks like you guys had a blast. I can just imagine that Addy is quite the little dancer...good for her!

courtnie said...

congratulations! To you all.