Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mom VS. Fireworks

So last night Dawson woke up around 11:30 ish to go to the bathroom. I went to tuck him back in bed and this is how are conversation played out......

M-Good night buddy.(hug and kiss) You know I love you more than anything!
D-Well Mom I kinda love fireworks a little more than you!
M-Um Ok (trying not to laugh) well I guess if I have to be trumped by something at least it is something I love to hunny! Goodnight!
D-Night Mom, love ya!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I think I am caught up on my bloggin! Scroll down and check them all out!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday NANNY!

This is for you Nanny! We love you and miss you!!! Hope you have a fabulous birthday in Sweden! Wish we could celebrate your special day with you. Know that your in our thoughts not only on this day, but everyday! Love you!!!

Pool Time!

Friday we made our 1st trip of the summer to the Washington pool. The weather was not so great once again. But the kids had fun nonetheless! Can't wait to go again, sure it wont be long till we are there again!

Addy taking Ky down the red slide. Ky kept saying." down red slide", so Addy took him. He went more than once so I think he liked it. Didn't get any other pics because the older ones don't stay in one place long enough!

Comedy of Errors! Really!

Thursday night was the opening ceremonies for the Summer games. We thought it would be fun to go again and we invited the Rebers to come along. The weather that day was not as great as it had been earlier in the week but was still pleasant enough for Fireworks!!! Well unfortunately that night Addy didn't make great choices and she was unable to go to the fireworks, which meant Bry or I had to stay home. Bryan knowing how much I love fireworks graciously offered to stay home with her. I'm sire it was that reason alone and nothing to do with the fact there was a play off game that night! So a little bummed that we werent going as a family we headed off. We met with the Rebers at the Tiki shack for a treat and then headed to the firework. OK so here is where it gets good. First off we have a hard time finding a parking place. Russ knows of this little known walk way so we follow him find a park and have a shorter walk to the grass. During our walk Misty says, "I hear water, I wonder where it is coming from?" Well we get to the end of the little path and there is a drain run off and due to the warm weather it is gushing water. Dawson is crying and Russ is helping him and says to us, " Go over that little bridge." Well it is dark and I see no bridge so I figure he is advising us to just not go over the drain, which by the way is the way Dawson went carrying his blanket and fell. He survived but the blanket was drenched! So at this point I have figured out that is why Dawson is crying and I just want to get over to him. I have Ky in my arms as well as the rest of our icee and a blanket. I take a big step and then I tumble to the groung dropping everything and everyone! Ky and I both went splat and were wet and muddy! However we both survived and thank heaven Misty was behind me and was thinking straight because she picked up my camera before it got swept away! It wasn't even on my radar. I was more worried about my boys! Luckily my keys stayed in my pocket or I would have been up a creek without a paddle! Looking on the bright side. So we get to the grass and I strip Ky's soaking wet clothes off and asses the damage.

Dawson not bad except a little on his jeans and his sweatshirt got wet so he took it off. Ky stripped down
The back of Ky's head was wet and crusty with dirt!

And then there is me! I know one of my better moments eh!

Then we get all settled.(love Dawson's red lips from his snowee)
Our lifesavers that night!!!
The kids are playing around. Life is good, we made it with no real damage,except maybe a little to my ego. I bet it was hilarious to watch though except for maybe Ky flying through the air!
Then the fireworks start. YEAH! We are just enjoying the show when all of the sudden the sprinklers come on! Are you kidding me! Seriously! So we hurry get up and move everything before it gets more wet then it already is! Ky is crying saying, "home mamma, home mamma." Dawson is somewhat oblivious and just enjoying the show. Luckily Russ takes Dawson, Bronwyn and Jaqueline to watch the fireworks over on dry land while Misty and myself stay back to clean up.This is where we were sitting! Nice and wet now!
Despite everything it was a great show. Ky ended up enjoying them for a little bit before falling asleep. Once over we gathered everything up and headed back. Crossing back over the drain we were now experienced as to which way to go. Got to our car safe and sound! A major milestone considering how the night was going! And finally we made it home with no more problems! That was one night of fireworks I'll never forget. I wonder if the Rebers will ever want to go any where with us again!

Water Day

On Tuesday I told the kids we could have a water day! So after lunch we invited their friends over for some fun in the sun! It was great. Moms even came so I had company as well. I think we may have to do this more often!

I tried to get pics of them all going down but some were just more camera shy then others! And then you had those who were doing crazy maneuvers down the slide! No matter what it was fun to watch!
Taking a popsicle break and enjoying the sun

Bike Race and water balloons

On Saturday June 5th our neighbors set up a bike race for the kids. It was great. They were super excited for the race! And it just so happen to be on their Whatever Day! Which some how just added to the excitement!
At the starting line ready to go!Brock, Easton, Dawson, Britton, Addy and Emily.

Crossing the finish line!

After the race they had popsicles and water balloons! Every kids dream right???

Just the Beginning of Summer

So it is just the beginning of Summer and I am already behind on my blogging. We have a great start to what I hope is a very fun, nice laid back summer. So far so good. So here we go........

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whatever Day

About a week or so before school got out I came up with this somewhat crazy idea. Ya I know not really anything new but this one I thought had potential. So I brought it up with my kids. Lo and behold they thought it was just as ingenious as I did. Here was the plan..........
One of the first days of summer we would have a deep cleaning day. Sounds fun right? On this day we would do nothing but deep clean and I mean deep clean everything! There would be no playing that day with friends or playing Wii or playing anything, get my drift. Wondering why my kids were on board, well I told them that if we did a full day of cleaning the next day would be a WHATEVER DAY! They loved that idea. Dawson asked, "can I have cake for breakfast?" To which I replied, "Whatever." They asked what if I want to stay in my jammies all day? "Whatever" What if I want a doughnut for lunch? "Whatever" Can I have friends over, "Whatever" They were thrilled with the idea. Frankly I was thrilled they were thrilled! So when we got back from Vegas I gave them the option as to what day they wanted to have the cleaning day. They all unanimously chose the next day-Friday! OK so now lets see how it really goes down!
It was amazing!!! Seriously I really thought I would have some opposition as the day went on, NOPE! We deep cleaned every room in our house. We took 4 big garbage bags to DI and had 1 bag of garbage. We went through all the closets, playroom and cleaned and vacuumed every room. We cleaned and mopped all the bathrooms and floors, dusted all the shutters and dusted all the wood in the house. The kids wiped down every light switch and door handle. We cleaned the back yard and took all the boxes and newspapers in the garage to recycle and cleaned and vacuumed out the cars. Addy cleaned the french door windows, we cleaned the kitchen, made sure all the laundry was done and all of this with literally no complaining! I was dying! It was fabulous!!! I honestly can't believe it worked! Man am I a genius!!!!
Next day-WHATEVER DAY! It was great. I was worried the kids would take advantage but they were just excited to have a whatever day. They kept telling their friends, "this is my whatever day." They had doughnuts for breakfast and then lunch, but then they asked to have a hot dog for lunch as well. Which made me happy! It was so fun to see them so thrilled to have a whatever day. I think I may just have to do this more often!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brotherly Love

I went in to check on the boys Thursday night and this is how I found them! I love it! We have asked Dawson multiple times if he want to move and have his own room. He wants to continue to share a room and I think it is great! I love that they are such good buddies-most of the time anyway. But no matter what at the end of the day they love each other. As a Mom that is priceless!!!!


Bry headed to work on Tuesday and being summer and all with no obligations we tagged along! It was great! We hung out at the pool literally all day! The weather was a little windy the 1st day but we didn't mind especially because it was 90 degrees. On Tuesday we hung out with my Mom and Dad at their pool. We took a break for lunch and then tried out a splash pad at a park. That didn't last long the kids were dying to hit the pool again and since my Dad works from home he worked while Ky took his nap. Perfect! The kids, Nana and I headed back to the pool and had such a blast. Sorry no pics, kinda hard to take pics when your in the pool all day! That night we went to dinner with my parents, played some games and then it was back to the condo to sleep.
Wednesday was just about the same with the exception of a morning trip to Target. Bry got done with work early so he joined us at the pool. It was so much fun!!! That night we met up with Bry's Dad for a little dinner at In N Out. Addy ate her entire burger and then finished Ky's other half. I think she maybe hitting a little growth spurt, fingers crossed anyway!!! After dinner we hit up the park to play. Then it was back to the condo for movie night! Thursday we got up and headed for home! With life so crazy it's unfortunately not very often we have/ or take the time to just relax and enjoy each other. I was so happy to do just that!!! Perfect way to relax and have summer fun with my kiddos!

Like I said no pics at the pool because we were having to much fun but here are some pics from the splash pad park.