Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ky's 1st shopping date

Today was Ky's turn for his shopping date! Funny thing was is that he was just as excited as the other kids! Since the kids are in school all day now, as soon as they were off we headed down to St. George! He picked where we ate lunch- In N Out Burger. After our bellies were full it was off to do some shopping. He was all about the shoes! I am seeing a pattern with my boys! He found a pair he loved and then it was onto the clothes. He does have more of an opinion about what he wears than Dawson ever did at his age, but he is quick and decisive! Even got him to try some things on for me! Well after all that he needed a treat so ice cream at Rocky Mountain chocolate factory was our next stop! After a few more shops it was time to head back. My little preschooler is all ready! I am so grateful for the fun one on one time I got to spend with my little Ky man!