Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today our little guy turned 7!!! He was so dang excited he didn't sleep last night! Seriously. Bryan got home at about 9. At 10:30 we were getting ready for bed and Dawson waltzes in with a big smile! (wished I could have taken a picture, it really was the cutest smile) We told him it was 10:30 at night and that it wasn't his birthday yet and he needed to go back to bed. His smile was gone and his head and shoulders slumped over and he slowly walked back to bed, totally BUMMED! Well about 30 minutes later while we were in bed reading, he came in again! Now he couldn't sleep. So he crawled in bed with us for a little while as we read. Then it was off to bed again. He then woke up at about 4 wanting to sleep on our floor. Then finally at 6:30 he was begging to go watch TV. So needless to say he was way beyond excited for his birthday!!
His birthday breakfast request......albelskievers!


We got to go to his class and bring treats. Dawson got to bring the class birthday bucket home. He got to put things in it that tell about him. He chose to bring his baseball gloves, football, tennis ball, soccer trophy, his Harry Potter wand and his sonic ds game case. His classmates then got to ask him questions. It was so fun! He then got to pass out his treats!
When he got off the bus, this is what he saw!

He has got the best buddies! Bubba and Cade had made him a birthday poster! A highlight of his day!

When he got home, Grandpa was there with a present! Skateboard! Dawson loved it!
Riding it with all his safety gear on!

His dinner request......Ninja!

After dinner it was off to get his present. A new metal baseball bat and some balls! This kid is all about sports! When we got home Dawson, Ky and Dad were off to hit some balls!
Happy Birthday Dawson! We love you and are so proud of the young little man you are becoming!


Heather Coon said...

Sounds like Dawson had a good birthday, and he got a skateboard... its about time now i can go riding with him... Cute kids sis...