Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Preschool time!

Ky started preschool today! He has been so excited, he goes to school just like Addy and Dawson! Today I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he said,"a school lunch." So cute but I had to remind him that he doesn't eat lunch at school yet. Made me chuckle.
He told me on the way to preschool, "Mom I'm not gonna cry when you leave." I love his little independence! I told him that I wouldn't cry either! Not gonna lie though I did miss him!

So fun for them and me , but also just a huge realization that they grow up so fast! He has been looking forward to this all summer and to be honest so have I. It is good for them and selfishly I now have 2 whole hours all to myself! That hasn't happened for 9 years! I dropped him off and thought all about the things I could do, want to do, should do. I went home had lunch, ate by myself which is not typical. Then I wandered around my house aimlessly! I kind of felt a little lost! What do I do with my self now?? I couldn't wait to go get him!
When I did, he had a huge smile and came running. I loved the big hug! He told me all about the songs he sang and his new friends. He had a great first day of school! He can't wait to go back and neither can I. I think I am officially over feeling lost! Already have my to do list ready! It's going to be a good year!


Jamie said...

I could take this kid home with me! That curly blond hair is something else! Cute kids Melissa!