Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clorox Clean!

Can I just say how much I love my boys! Truly I do, they make me laugh constantly. They are silly and crazy. I love it! But often times I wonder WHAT GOES THROUGH THEIR LITTLE MINDS! This mornings events totally explain this.  So before I left to take Addy to school I told the boys I wanted them dressed and their beds made by the time I get back. Both happily agreed! Upon my return I find Dawson dressed and Ky still in his PJ's. I asked why Ky was not dressed to which Dawson replied, "Oh he just got done going poop." To which I said, "OK, so why isn't he dressed?" "Well I had to wipe him but we were out of toilet paper and he was scared to go get more." As Dawson is talking I'm thinking to myself, if he was going to the bathroom how could he go get toilet paper. So I asked that very question. Dawson responded, "well I had to go too". So then I asked the dreaded question, "So what did you guys use?' Dawson calmly and almost proud of his quick decision said, "we had to use a clorox wipe."  UM WHAT?!?!  I was not sure how to respond! Was he really serious? You bet he was, 100% serious!!! As this is sinking in part of me wants to burst out laughing! The other part is so grossed out!!! So after I educated them on the fact that using Clorox wipes is not ok. I gave them a list of reasons why and Dawson chimes in saying, "Yeah it kinda made me itch!"  YA THINK!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today we had all 3 kids SEOP's, parent teacher conferences. I love going to them, they went great! I love to be able to talk with each teacher and hear them talk about my kiddos. More than any of their academic stuff, which they are all doing amazing at, I love to hear how their individual personalities come through at school. As a Mom nothing makes me more happy than to hear them tell me how kind, honest, nice, helpful and fun my kids are! I leave every time with my heart overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing kids my Heavenly Father has sent to me! I am beyond blessed to be their Mom!
Here is some highlights from each SEOP-

Mrs. Hulet her core teacher said Addy is a pleasure to have in class. Mrs. Winters her social studies teacher said how good Addy does in her class and knows how much Addy loved History. Mrs. Chrisiansen her Math Teacher talked about how well she does and how fun she is to have in her class.
I can't even begin to articulate how proud I am of the amazing young lady she is becoming! I love her zest for life! I love how she see's the good in others and is a great friend! She is smart and trustworthy and wants to do what is right. So incredibly proud!!

Mr. Perkins said Dawson is full of energy! No argument there!  He talked about how much he enjoys having him in his class. He said Dawson is a great student. His reading and comprehension has about doubled this year! So proud!! He talked about how honest he is and that he never worries about him cheating. He talked about kind and tender hearted he is. I couldn't agree more. Dawson is so sweet and tender. He said he is helpful in class yet talkative. Sounds like him!
I love talking about Dawson! His energy for life is contagious and I love that! It warms my heart to know that his teacher see's the great qualities he has! That energy can be hard for teachers at times, I'm sure. But Mr. Perkins embraces that and him and I couldn't be more happy about that! I love that they joke around together. Dawson is an amazing kid and boy am I  lucky to be his Mom and watch him grow. He has an amazing future ahead of him!

Mrs. Werber talked a lot about his academic improvement. It is so fun when they are in Kindergarten to see how much and how fast they learn and absorb everything around them. I love it!!  We read his February journal. I love the pictures and the phonetic words. Fun to see what they write about, which for Ky is about sports! She talked about how good and obedient he is at school!
Ky is such a fun kid to be around. I love that he is obedient, which is a relief! There is no question that he loves to tease but glad to know he behaves!! I love that he is nice at school. He has made some great friends and grown a lot! I love his infectious smile. I love that I get to watch this crazy kid grow up!

I am so grateful to be a Mom but even more grateful to be THEIR Mom!!!