Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Fun

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER!!! Saturday the 5th we went to Emily's softball game. We stopped and got us all a snowie before the game. It was so fun to sit and watch the game eating a yummy treat. It doesn't get more American than this! I love the long days, the fun in the water-not the swim suit part. I love the smell of BBQ's and all the food we eat at them. Baseball games. I love the pedicures and of course FLIP FLOPS! I love eating all the summer treats, ice cream cones, otter pops and snowies. I love just hanging out on our back patio in the evenings watching the kids ride bikes or driving their hummer car. I love drinking lemonade and taking the kids to the park. I love having our windows rolled down in the car especially when there is a song on the radio we can turn way up and rock out to, my kids love that. I just love the summer!


Camille said...

Amen sister!!! Let's do a BBQ together! Soon! I love the pics of the kids rolling down the grass. I am a little confused as to why your kids are sporting BYU shirts? Isn't that Brian's rival?? Although I won't complain because I am HUGE BYU fan!!! GO Cougs!

Kelly said...

Amen! I notice Camille also gave you an amen. ha ha. Cute pictures of the kids.

mccall... said...

amen to camille and kelly's amens!