Friday, July 11, 2008

We are an AGGIE family!

I laugh when I read the comments about the kids in the BYU hoodies. I almost made a comment about that but figured I would not try to rustle any feathers-his that is-. However it is true Bry is not a BYU fan.
(In mid posting, Bryan is taking over the remainder of this post)
Since all of you "bloggers" are having a field day with the fact that my children were sporting BYU hoodies, I want to make very clear that my disdain for the Y does not lie with the educational institution or its church affiliation. I will admit, however, that when it comes to athletic sports, I absolutely LOATHE any and all mention of those 3 letters (It also applies to the U as well). That comes from both personal experience playing soccer against them and the numerous games I have attended of my beloved Utah State AGGIES vs. the Y. This will remain an AGGIE household...Utah State, hey, Aggies all the way, go Aggies go Aggies, hey, hey, hey!
(Melissa again) Now I will finish what I started. Those hoodies were given to my kids as a gift from BRYAN'S parents for Christmas. The only reason they were allowed in our Aggie house was because they are signed by BYU player and real good family friend Dennis Pita #32. Who Bry can't deny is a phenomenal player and guy! He even said we shouldn't let the kids wear them because they will be worth something someday. Maybe he just said that so I would not let my kids wear them! HA HA HA!


Mortimer Family said...

Bryan, Bryan, are such a passionate person. I knew that was one of the reasons you and Delon got along so well. Go Aggies, go Aggies, hey hey hey!!

Camille said...

Bryan--We will all wait for the day when your Aggies can actually beat BYU in any major athletic contest. (Soccer doesn't count) And what's this hey hey hey business....? Please tell me that's not your fight song...

Nat Lud said...

Holy cow! I am totally dying at this post! Remind me to never piss Bryan off! :)

Ron Knight said...

Go Cougs! I used to go to the soccer games at byu, and utah state fans were the most obnoxious. I swear if I ever hear Utah State, Utah State, Great Great Great, I'll strangle someone! Go BYU!
-Sarah :)