Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kyler is 3 months!

My sweet little baby is now 3 months old! He is such a great addition to our family. We all love him and just adore him. He has a smile like his older sister that just lights up the room. He is active, persistent and strong like his older brother. He loves his older brother and sister and is very calm through all their loving tortures. I absolutely love the stage he is at right now. He coo's at us all the time and just smiles when he sees you. He is trying so hard to laugh when daddy tickles him-so cute. Last night he was on his tummy and rolled over to his back for the first time. He is trying so hard to roll over to his tummy. He scoots around on the floor already by pushing off oh his right heel. He loves to stand all the time and getting him to sit takes some creativity. He is getting his pictures taken this week and I will post some of our handsome little guy. We are so blessed to have in our family. I love him so much and just enjoying every second as he grows!!!


Nat Lud said...

I can't believe he's already that old! He is so adorable. I'm sure he'll love having just mama and Ky time when the other's go to school!

Camille said...

Crazy how time flies huh? I still fee like I just had Talon. They grow up too fast, but it is fun to watch them grow and discover new things.