Thursday, August 7, 2008

Logan Friends!

On Monday while Bryan worked I went to lunch with my friends, Heidi and her son Jaxon, Meghan and her kids Landon, Halle and Maren, Anjie and her pregnant belly(so cute by the way), and Jill with her kids Ava and Ty, and my sis. in law Heather and my cute little niece Holly. Becky we did miss ya. I can't believe that after 10 years of high school we still keep in touch. I consider myself so blessed to have these wonderful gals as my best friends! It was so fun to see them all and their kids, especially since we have all been scattered about the U.S. We all had a blast hanging out at the park. That night Heidi, Meg, Becky and I went to Mama Mia! It was literally the most fun I have had in a very long time. We were singing and dancing and just have a great time. Even though we are 30 we still know how to have a good time!! I miss my friends so much and am glad we all still keep in touch. That night we ate dinner over at Bubba and Heather's of course that was after Heather and I did some much needed shopping! Addy and Landon Maren, Jaxon, Landon, Addy and Dawson
-not all the kids wanted to be in the photo-
Jill, Me, Heidi and Meghan
Addy's photography, sorry Jill I was waiting for the other copies were you were actually looking.

On Tuesday we went to the Logan pool with all our old neighborhood gang, Jen and her boys Tate and Easton, Amy and her clan- Emily, Haydn, Riley, Gracie and Jake, and Becky and her kids Ashton, Ethan, and Macy and Heather and Holly. It was so fun to be around them. I miss them and the comradery we had as a neighborhood. Our kids all just get along so well and we just all get to chat and discuss life's little dramas. That night we had dinner with them at the park. I love Mack park-it was a perfect ending to a great day and a great vacation. Addy and best pal Ashton at Mack park
Becky, Me and Amy
-once again Addy's wonderful photography-


The Woods said...

wow mom cool the wood,s

The Woods said...

go mom

SummerGirl said...

Hi i wish i could of been there!But i was at the Molyneux's With Kiah but um say hi to Addy And Dawson for me ok!But it was un because before um we went to the pool so that was good!

Emilee Mortimer

Kelly said...

Looks so fun! I love getting together with my high school friends.