Friday, December 19, 2008

December events

December has come and gone and like all of you I have been so busy that my blogging has taken a back seat. I am just going to sum up December in one post hitting my highlights, so fasten your seat belts, here we go!
Addy and Dawson started December off by being in the children parade. They had a great time on the Noah's Ark float. They loved dressing up. It was even more fun for us to watch the parade with them in it.

Christmas is a wonderful time to teach our children about being grateful and giving to others. I am always looking for new ways to teach my kids, this year we did something we have never done before. Truth be told I personally really did not want to do it, however I thought it would be good experience for our kids so I signed us up to be bell ringers for the salvation army at non other than Wal-Mart. We only had to do a half hour which made the event fun, for my kids anyway. It was really good for my kids to give of their time and understand how really blessed we are. They did have fun in the process. Dawson and I were at one side of Wal-Mart and Addy and Bryan were at the other. Dawson loved ringing the bell and dancing around while telling people Merry Christmas! All in all it was a fun learning experience.

Addy and I on are way to ring the bell!
December was packed with recitals and programs. Dawson had his school program and it was so cute. He did such a good job singing, which he loves to do. I took a video so enjoy!

Addy also had her Christmas dance recital. She did such a great job. She has really improved this past year and loves to dance. She looked so cute and so grown up!

Among all the hustle and bustle Bryan and I were able to-or should I say we made time-catch SUU play our beloved USU Aggies. It was so great to see them play and sport the blue attire! We had a great time at the game and the Aggies played really well and won of course, like we had any doubt. I must say the SUU does have a good team and it will be fun to cheer for them this year.

This month for Kyler has been eventful as well. He has learned to crawl up the stairs, scary I know. He is trying so hard to walk, he has taken a few little steps between the couches. He is just growing up way to fast. It has been really fun to watch him.


Kelly said...

I was a bell ringer a few years ago. I didn't want to do it either but it turned out to be a great experience. Way cute pics!

Nat Lud said...

Um, hello hottie in your cute hat! So cute! I had no idea you guys did the bell ringing. That is so awesome! I totally would've put some money in the bucket that day! I can't believe Addy's dance picture. So grown up. What a busy but fun month!

mccall... said...

Ive never been a bell ringer, but Coop always asks me if we can... I'll take my turn next year!
It was fun to see you in your Aggie gear at the game!
Looks like a great month!

Jessica said...

Pheew! What a month! Looks like good times. Kyler is so big!

Camille said...

I really wanted to do the bell ringing this year with the fam too. But we never ended up doing it. Good for you guys!

Michelle said...

What fun pictures! That is really neat that you got to experience the "ringing of the bell"! Looks like you had a fun December! Just wanted to let you know that now that Greg and I are here in TX we've decided to change our blog address (especially since we're adding a little one to our family next month so the gml part of our blog now isn't going to work anymore). We can now be found at (we're going with Ron and Steve's ideas of address according to location) :)

McKell Callister said...

Wow, what a busy month! I felt swamped and mine wasn't near as busy as yours. Your blog is darling, thanks for letting me read. Your kids are a crack-up; I could read stories about them all day long!