Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dawson the Big Brother

On Saturdays we, well I like to try and sleep in. It is often a pointless goal but one I still aim for every week. Today was no exception. Dawson woke up first as usual and then about 20 min. later Ky woke up. I got up and put him in his highchair with some of his morning snacks. I told Dawson if he ran out to give him some more. A little while later Dawson came into my room and said,"Mom I am sorry." To which I replied, "For what." He still all gloomy said,"I gave Ky some more snacks and gave him way to many. He didn't even cry though." This is what we went out to find! Ky still happy as a clam with a lot of snacks.

What a great big brother!